‘Bergoglio is certainly the Pope’ ex-Anglican says King Charles is an Antichrist

Editor’s note: When you think how many Youtubers would never ever risk offending anyone by calling Pope Francis an antipope, but will say things even more bold about other people, then you can begin to detect an irrational prejudice about the truth in regard to someone whom the Globalists hold is more important to their project.

Dr. Taylor Marshal, who produced and published the above video, is an Anglican priest who converted to the Catholic Faith in the Archdiocese of Washington, D. C., and was then recruited by Opus Dei to give a series of shows on EWTN, and thus ensconced himself in the online Catholic scene, where he has become for hundreds of thousands an authority on what is Catholic and what is not, to the amazement of cradle-Catholics the world over.

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9 thoughts on “‘Bergoglio is certainly the Pope’ ex-Anglican says King Charles is an Antichrist”

  1. I found Taylor Marshal’s thinking quite faulty a long time ago. He knows how to present his thinking successfully. In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.

    1. What in particular did you find faulty? In general he seemed to me to be quite reasonable in his arguments.

  2. Please say the proper name of the enemy, that is Francis. Few people know Bergoglio. It is better to say Francis to educate Catholics, instantly. Francis is committing his crimes as Francis, so it’s imperative that Catholics know the man they adulate, i.e. Francis, is destroying the Church with a torpedo about to hit and sink the Barque of Peter. And they must stop him by boycotting his audience and stop taking selfies with him.

    It’s like if you say Karol Józef Wojtyła, how many Catholics know him? But if you say John Paul II, they’ll know instantly who you are talking about. Likewise avoid saying the unknown Bergoglio and say the name of the guise of the wolf, Francis, in his sheep’s clothing of white.

    1. His proper name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He is faking being a pope called Francis. I am actually following the practice of Catholics at Rome.

  3. Taylor Marshall, Scott Hahn, Marcus Grodi, are part of about a dozen former Protestants that converted to the Catholic faith and now run profitable non-profits by continuing to think like Protestants now labeled Catholics. Their arguments defend the faith but the style is Protestant (i.e. centrality of Scripture and only in passing paying lip service to Holy Tradition.) They are helpful in aiding Catholics become familiar with Scripture but at the same time, they keep that dry mechanical discourse typical of Protestants and Modernist Catholics. So, it is not surprising finding them in support of JMB. I distinctly remember overhearing a convert-apologist call his own minister “the business”. That made me think that there is no money in Protestant apologetics but quite a harvest can be collected in the Catholic “market” —I wonder how many of that crowd continue to be Protestant at heart while taking advantage of the financial opportunity afforded to them by Catholic generosity.

    1. Its protestant to want to take on a role of a priest, while remaining a layman and refusing the disciplined life and formation of a priest. That is what the whole reformation is about. And Vatican II opened the door to the Church being infiltrated by these kinds of men, under the rubric of the lay apostolate.

      1. You nailed it! That is the attitude they cultivate.: taking the role of a priest without the sacrifices involved. Infiltration is certainly a possibility: they help shape Catholic ‘public opinion’ from their TV pulpits.

      1. Thanks for the clarification. I have noticed that as the crisis in the church and the world gets worse, I am obliged to be ever more selective in whom I read and watch.

        Protestants are out of the question given how so many of them have fallen for supporting Russia in the war against Ukraine. Catholics who don’t believe in Fatima neglect the crisis in the Church. And then those who believe in JMB seem to me will be on the wrong side of the coming schism.

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