ITALY: Constitutional Court says PM has power to oblige citizens to be DeathVaxxed

Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In a decision which was expected and feared, after the Council of State appointed one of Mario Draghi’s personal lawyers as a member of the Constitutional Court, the Court decreed the end of all semblance of order, right, democracy and justice in the Italian Republic.

For in a case which sought to overturn the decrees of the last two governments which by a dictate of the President of the Council of Ministers (that is the name for the Italian Prime Minister) imposed the outrage of an obligation to receive the DeathVaxx upon all sanitary workers, police and teachers, the Constitutional Court judged yesterday that it was not unconstitutional for him to decree an obligation to be DeathVaxxed for any specific class of Italian residents.

The 5 legal experts who brought the case in defense of their clients rights to bodily autonomy, emphasized all the glaringly constitutionally contrary aspects of these decrees of the past governments.

Alas, to no avail.

Even at their request that judges appointed by the past two governments be recused, the president of the Court defiantly refused all discussion.

The sentence regarded the decrees of the Conte and Draghi governments, but it has set a diabolic monstrous precedent.

So now the Italian Republic is no longer even a state or legal convention. One party, the political elite, has arrogated to itself the right to murder, maim and genetically transform everyone in Italian territory.

What does this mean for Italians?

It means that they now have the natural and Christian RIGHT and DUTY, to no longer obey the government in anything, to not pay any taxes whatsoever, to report nothing to the government, to bear any kind of arms, whatsoever, and to undertake any moral means to overthrow the Italian Republic, even with the use of violent force.

I advise everyone who cannot stomach what is about to come to get out of Italy. And I have myself resolved to flee at the soonest possibility: as it is pure insanity to risk living in a territory where you can be lawfully murdered at any moment.

Italians are universally shocked to the core about this sentence. They now literally have no legal recourse to any other action than flight or violent revolution. And it is not me, who is saying it, it’s being said from the heights of the Alps to the shores of Sicily.

There is talk of reforming the Constitutional Court, since, as I hear, one cannot impeach its justices. But I think it is unrealistic to think the political class, given such power, will ever give it back. Those politicians who embrace this ruling may, however, be signing their death-warrant if a revolution breaks out.

The only way to avoid civil disorder, as far as I can see, is if the present government of Giorgia Meloni announces immediately that they will introduce a bill to change the rules of the Constitutional Court, effectively reforming in one manner or another.

TRANSLATION of Tweet below: If the Constitutional court passes the Vaccine Obligation, civil war will break out: let everyone descend into the piazza in every city of Italy every Saturday, until they undo such a verdict authorizing the State to commit genocide.

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21 thoughts on “ITALY: Constitutional Court says PM has power to oblige citizens to be DeathVaxxed”

  1. This is very sad. But where will it be any different? It seems like all countries (at least in Europe) are on the same course.

    1. Don’t get sad, GET MAD with righteous anger. Resist to the death any command to be injected with the cursed products of abortion.
      Our Lord said the time would come to sell your cloak and buy a sword — that time is now. Remember, there are more of us than there are of them. And better to die than live as a slave of the totalitarian state.
      If they batter down the door of my house to force me to take this injection, they will find me with a kitchen knife in my hand and I will not put it down when commanded.

    2. Expand your horizons a bit; Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand are on that same deadly track. China is the “engine”, and at the moment, Putin seems too occupied with Ukraine, but Ihave little reaon to doubt his course would be different. So where, indeed, will you go? Perhaps it’s time to amend your Constitution? Hopefully Ms Meloni would be more amenable to doing that?

      1. In the province of Alberta, vaccines are not mandated and the legislation at the legislation hopefully will be strengthened. In the province of British Columbia Bill 36 which was recently passed requires all health care workers both within government and the private sector are expected to get the vax every three months. I think there is enough push back all of Canada not to have mandatory vexes.

  2. Am not certain of laws in EU. Do people have anything resembling the Second Amendment in the U.S. Constitution?

    1. No. There is no right to bear arms in Italy. It is a privilege granted if the State thinks you need it, which obviously means only for police, military, former police, persons who have been assaulted severely already. I know some citizens who requested the license and after 2 years have not received it. But as I said, this government no longer merits any obedience.

      1. I do not think any pressure was brought at all. The Political Class protects itself, and members of this court are appointed in part by that class.

  3. Sad and shocked indeed, no words to describe this ruling. I wonder if and how the Vatican will respond to this?

  4. Don’t wait too long. With this mentality in government, they will soon forbid anyone to leave.

    Yes, the US is on the same track, but not as far down the road, and some places are better than others. I advise you to avoid the coasts and choose the Midwest.

  5. So.. Justice should no longer hold the ‘balance’ as her natural symbol! La Corte Costituzionale was too blind to see justice. But how can anyone be surprised? The lawyers present were a clear giveaway how the verdict would go… Is anyone really surprised? Although any good, sane human was hopeful that the judges would see beyond the power of EU overpaid henchmen.

  6. Added to this with the popular dissatisfaction that will take place this winter in Europe. The rulers, puppets of globalizations, all of them, without exception, are doing what the great elite, the Great Reset, want. Because they are not committed to the people. But European leaders, some of them, have realized they can stop with their necks on the guillotine. Meanwhile, the real mentors hide.

  7. There is only one question that needs to be asked:

    Do you have verifiable evidence that COVID-19 SARS-COV-2 has ever been purified and isolated?

    After over 200 Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to government agencies around the world, including the CDC, WHO and FDA, no agency has provided this evidence.

    So unless they provide this evidence, the mandates, restrictions and policies are fraudulent.

    1. Alas, the Court would never have admitted such evidence, because the court itself is a masonic scam.

  8. Brother Bugnolo, Montana is a good place to settle. The voters here just amended the State’s laws to forbid vaccinations against any ones will. I am armed to the teeth and will protect my family at all costs! Get out of Europe as soon as you can. What of the men in your house who remain? Hopefully, they will also get out. And, what about Father Minutella?

    1. Yes, I love Montana. We Italians are doing all that we can to restore the papacy. It is the last best hope for mankind.

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