CNN: Extremely patient Pope Francis is being persecuted by Americans

Editor’s Note: Never before in the history of the USA has a CIA controlled outlet defended the Pope against Catholics in the USA. The only explanation must be that the Pope is an asset installed by these haters of mankind to destroy the Church worldwide, because certainly CNN has not converted to the Catholic Faith.

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2 thoughts on “CNN: Extremely patient Pope Francis is being persecuted by Americans”

  1. God and the Word; as the same, does not change in time, place or people. All is God’s creation and are subject to His judgements and determinations. Feel really badly about Bergoglio’s refusals to heed God as ailments are catching-up and there isn’t a lot of time remaining for his salvation. Will he be on his deathbed before answering and accepting the caress of Jesus Christ…Or, not?

    1. This our era many of the poor, much more the youth, do not want to accept the embrace of Our Lord. They even fell to the second temptation of Satan, visible during 2020 and 2021.

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