HOLY LAND: Leaked Video shows 3 Israeli Hamas-Hostages were murdered by the IDF

Editor’s Note: It is inconceivable that three young Israelis, shouting in Hebrew were mistaken as Hamas “Terrorists”. Unless of course Hamas “Terrorists” speak modern Hebrew or that these three “hostages” actually learned the truth of who was behind the “Terrorist Attack” of October 7. — If none of those reasons are valid then one must conclude that the Israeli Armed Forces are totally incompetent or have no intention of following any rules of war.

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5 thoughts on “HOLY LAND: Leaked Video shows 3 Israeli Hamas-Hostages were murdered by the IDF”

  1. Come on, this is a joke.
    In a war happen all kinds of terrible deeds.
    Those young guys are in a terrible situation, brought by them through Hamas. Perhaps family members were killed?
    Hamas could have stayed on the other side of the border, but the decided differently.
    You are losing it.

    1. Marcel, I never would have thought that you did not care for the death of innocents or mock them in their death. That is tragic for them, but it will merit eternal damnation for you in the hour of your death if you do not repent, for it is gravely contrary to charity and justice.

      1. I pray for the people of Israel. The are still God’s people.
        They endured the hostilities and atrocities of there neighbors for more than 50 years.
        I’m old enough to remember the blowing up of busses with Israeli school children. The kidnapping and killing of sportsmen in Munich, to name a few.
        In those days there weren’t any strictly controlled borders.
        Those people made Israel doing it to protect their own people.
        Those Gazan people are the Amaleks revived.
        We are in the end of days and it is predicted that Gaza, Ashkelon and Asdod will be abandoned.
        This is happening right before our eyes.
        Some innocents are the victims and that is very sad, but over 83% of the people from Gaza approved the 7 October massacre.
        it is christal clear, in the Hamas charter, that they want to get rid of the Jews, as is in the koran.
        Charity and justice have failed in Judea and Samaria.
        You know that and I know that.
        Billions of taxpayers money have been given to them.
        Name me 1 positive thing they have done with it.
        Those Gazans teach their children hate. Hate against Jews, but also against Christians.
        When Israel doesn’t have an army, they are driven in the sea.
        When Gaza doesn’t have terrorists there will be peace.

        Something else: The crusaders also killed innocents.
        And you, also, want to send young men into war with Ordo Militaris.
        In the end God shall judge every one of us.
        I pray for you and me.

      2. We do not believe in the same God, Marcel. I believe in the true one. You have lost the way, seemingly a log time ago. Try unplugging from the matrix before it is too late.

        Pius XII declared that the modern Israel state was unjust founded upon an unjust act of aggression. They have no moral right to wage war and never did. Their genocide of the native peoples of the Holy Land is a crime against humanity. They also founded Hamas to justify continued conflict. Look it up.

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