May 30, 2010, Our Lady of the Pine forewarned the world about Bergoglio, the imposter

Here at the From Rome Blog private unapproved revelations are not normally discussed. But when an as-of-yet unapproved private revelation exactly foretells 9 years beforehand what is happening today, every Catholic has to stop and wonder and pay attention, because God alone knows the future of contingent events… Here follows our English translation of the words of Our Lady of the Pine on May 30, 2010, to a humble soul in the environs of Avola, Sicily, in the Diocese of Noto: (Italian original)

Our Lady: “My Sons, today I desire to share with you this wonderful friendship and the joy, that one finds in helping others.

All this while I have been inviting you, as a preparation, to the parousia of My Son in His second coming. I am pointing out to you this bridge of protection which We are giving you, and you will be escorted to My triumph, by means of the purification I am providing.

You must understand that We are protecting your souls.

Do not fear what will happen, these are things which must happen, but occupy yourselves solely with your duty to My Son.

You, Giuseppe, have the great responsibility to reveal to the world Our messages, but do it with joy, as an instrument of God.

Except for the messages of March 25, 2010, of the night of April 9, 2010 and that of April 11, all the others have been published, but no one wanted to listen to Our words.

Everything which has happened and which will happen has been revealed and no one can say: “We were not told beforehand”.

You have been called to be a living witness of God.

Announce that sorrows, horrors will yet occur.  Entire nations will disappear from the Earth and all humanity will drink the bitter chalice.

My Sons, walk on this bridge which I have indicated to you, to share with Us the joy and the era of peace on earth for yourselves.

Evil will be driven out and the victory of My Son will liberate you, but you must pray to have guidance, because very soon you will see a schism in My Church.

My faithful remnant follows the present Pope, Benedict XVI, whom they want to eliminate.

Continue to follow him and to remain faithful to Him and to the teaching of My Church, founded upon the Apostles. Do not allow yourselves to be turned aside by the apostasy and by heresies.

I tell you, that the next pope will be an imposter and the forces of evil stand behind this schism.

My Sons, be prepared, in this way you can follow those priests who are faithful to the Pope and to the teaching of the Church. Preserve the holy Missals and the books of the old Holy Mass, because the apostates will change the words in a dramatic way.

My sons and daughters, have courage and trust.  You, My son, do not fear if you are persecuted for Our cause, I and My Son will be with you to protect you and to help you in this hard trial.

Blessing you all, I am Mary, the Immaculate Virgin, the Mother of Sorrows.

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22 thoughts on “May 30, 2010, Our Lady of the Pine forewarned the world about Bergoglio, the imposter”

  1. Can you provide details of people, places and dates that would firmly establish that the prophecy could not possibly have been created by someone after Bergoglio was elected?

    1. See the Italian website. No, this all took place before 2012, when the seer died. It’s documented in the archives of the Diocese of Noto, write them an ask if you want confirmation.

    1. Real Presence: think you worry about too many things. Our Lady’s words show that you have erred in some things and gone astray in others. She clearly affirms the liturgy from before the Council, but She does not deny what is tolerable for a time. Our chief concern should not to be to judge others, but ourselves. If we fail to do that, we can fall into greater errors than these….because we will become our own demons and deceivers….

  2. May 30, 2010 was the date of the prophecy which I almost believe. What is holding me back is the word ‘imposter’ “Next Pope will be an imposter …” Is Francis the Unmerciful an imposter?

    1. Imposter means someone who replaces another, or who does not have the credentials to be what he claims. Antipopes are imposters, false shepherds are imposters, agents of evil who pose as agents of the light are imposters. I think Bergoglio is an imposter in all three senses, because clearly, if you have read my blog, Benedict never resigned the office of the papacy, only the ministry, and therefore is still the pope, on which account Bergoglio was illicitly elected and is a pretender to the office, and furthermore, its very obvious that Bergoglio never had a vocation to the priesthood or religious life, is not a Christian or shepherd in Chirst.

      1. Mary Ann, all who worship idols are ipso facto excommunicated by canon 1364, so please do not say, Our Pope, even if you thought his election was valid, an idolater is outside of the Church. We must disagree strongly with all clergy who pretend otherwise, because it is a sin against our baptismal duty to live a lie.

      2. Just a habit of a lifetime to say “our” in reference to the boss. ( I am 86). I get it about the idols. Thanks for the correction. God bless you for your wonderful work.

    2. As regards the phrase, The Next Pope, I believe our Lady is speaking according to what men believe and not according to the reality as it is seen from heaven. Because just as we say to a collector, the next coin you buy will be a fake, we do not mean by coin that it will be a real coin, but a forgery, so Our Lady says, the Next Pope, according to human reckoning, and thus is implicitly referring to some sort of error whereby the entire Catholic world would be duped into thinking he is a pope, when he is not.

  3. Very interesting. I agree with others that it does sound authentic, and The Editor’s interpretation of “the next pope” is very plausible. The strange timing of it all certainly gives me pause; it also calls to mind a prophecy that’s been attributed to St. Francis and another attributed to the French stigmatist Marie-Julie Jahenny regarding a new mass. I had suspected the latter prophecy pertained to the Novus Ordo Missae, but I wonder whether they might pertain to this new mass described by Our Lady of the Pine (perhaps both?).

    1. I personally do not think Heaven approves of the Novus Ordo for many reasons, but simply because Christ never allowed the Popes to give it the force of law, as I said in my previous post. But yes, I think that if this allocution is of God, it means that Bergoglio is about to abolish the Mass, or at least attempt to, and to introduce a liturgy with satanic and idolatrous practices instead.

  4.  If My requests are heeded, Russia will be converted and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated.

     In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, and she will be converted, and a certain period of peace will be granted to the world.

    If we assume that Russia was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by John Paul II in 1984 (granted, a leap of faith), then it wood appear that Our Lady of the Pine is inconsistent with the timeline of that of Fatima. There are no great chastisements in store for the world to come, only a certain period of peace. This is how we may well know that Medjugorje and Akita are both false apparitions as well. On the other hand, if the fulfillment of the words The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me is yet to come (perhaps an even greater leap of faith), then, and only then, should we expect to see the great chastisement… various nations will be annihilated or entire nations will disappear from the earth
    Exercise caution when placing one’s faith in Our Lady of the Pine.

    1. I do not believe Russia was consecrated to Our Lady, for the same reason I do not believe Benedict resigned validly, namely, you have to NAME the thing you consecrate. If you consecrate all those nations which need to be consecrated, you are expressing a will and intention, but not positing an act. You are also breaking trust in God and denying Him the glory. As for the conversion of Russia no one in 1917 would have understood that as anything other than conversion to the Catholic Faith. Moreover, it is clear from what we do know about Fatima that it was directed against Marxism, but Marxist control the Vatican and Our Lady spoke of 2 popes, so clearly it has not been done, since there are none of the promised effects. Nay rather, since Our Lady promised the conversion of Russia when the TRUE POPE consecrates it with all the TRUE BISHOPS in union with him, I believe that the promised conversion is the tool whereby the whole world recognizes the true Pope. And that both are the miracle of Fatima which the world awaits still.

  5. Ciao a tutti, mi chiamo Nino Oliva, nel 2007 il Signor Giuseppe Auricchia mi chiese di creare il sito web ( e pure di scrivere un libro sulle apparizioni della Madonna del Pino, non gli avevo chiesto niente e non era nelle mie possibilità, accettai dopo molti mesi.
    Ho avuto questo incarico da lui e lo sto svolgendo da 12 anni, è volontariato. Il libro che ho scritto con la sua collaborazione, lui ebbe la bozza 4 mesi prima della sua morte.
    In fede

    Hi everyone, my name is Nino Oliva, in 2007 Mr. Giuseppe Auricchia asked me to create the website ( and also to write a book about the apparitions of the Madonna del Pino, I hadn’t asked him anything and it wasn’t my ability, I accepted after many months.
    I’ve had this job from him and I’ve been doing it for 12 years, it’s volunteering. The book I wrote with his collaboration, he had the draft 4 months before his death.
    In faith

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