Br. Bugnolo: FromRome.Info will take a stand against the hype and panic of Coronavirus

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Mass panic is one of the greatest evils that can befall a society. It causes people to act irrationally, not out of facts or evidence, but out of fear and precieved necessity to preserve self interest. As panic increases people become inclined to do even more an more exaggerated things in response to what they perceive in the short term to be a solution to some need they have.

Since mass panic can cause civil unrest and mass murder and mayhem, it is the greatest moral failure of leaders and media to promote panic. It is a sign of not just a failure of leadership, but the complete lack of moral capacity to lead.

The constant harping on numbers of victims from a disease which has not yet even killed 10% of those who die of the winter flue each year, is totally irresponsible.

The reactions to such irresponsible reporting are also irresponsible.

For this reason, as editor of FromRome.Info I am going to pledge to all my readers to reject calls to panic and publish  series of articles which show what the facts say, as I have already begun to do.

My assessment of Coronavirus is that it is complete hype to turn this into a pandemic or plague. The causes may be because the ruling elites have no immune systems with strong responses. The motives may be also because they want to grab power and impose tyranny.

But whatever is the cause of their irrational behavior, as Catholics we should oppose their mistaken approach with Faith in God and confidence that if we respond rationally we will overcome whatever minor threat Coronavirus 19 presents, while not loosing track of the more important things of our Religion, our human lives and the needs of society.

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7 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo: FromRome.Info will take a stand against the hype and panic of Coronavirus”

  1. Brother , please, the 10% you wrote could be true for Europe , USA….
    380 deaths today, 15% more than the cumulative deaths at Sunday , and on Sunday there were 15% more than the cumulative numbers till Saturday.
    That is NOT NORMAL for the winter flue , and there are 2158 since the beginning, well above the winter flue and there is a mess in northern Italy.
    I agree that there is injustificable panic spread to the world.
    But besides obvious intention to panic , THERE IS A SITUATION in Italy that is different from the rest of the world.
    Why ? , it is not hazard.

    1. Louis, you are mistaken. Each year in Italy between 15 and 27 thousand die from the flu. At 2158, Corona virus has not yet even reached 10% of the total deaths in 2017 from the flu in Italy. The reason why Italy suffers high mortality from Coronavirus is that in Lombardy for 4 months there is a heavy fog 24/7 and this taxes the lungs of all who live there, making them much more prone to influenza and pnuemonic illnesses. In fact, Lombardy is the epicenter of every flue season with higher mortality than anywhere else in Italy. Italians are made for warmer climates, and Lombard is the worst climatic area in all of Italy. I will not even mention the smog in Lombardy from all the automobiles, trucks and chimneys. As for mortality rates, for corona virus they lag about 2 weeks from entrance to hospitals. And I suspect that the victims are 80% Aids patients without immune systems, but the MSM is hiding this, because they want you to panic, because they want a totalitarian state of thought control.

  2. Thank you for your explanation , brother.
    I wish I was mistaken , because I thouhgt I read there were 6000 thousands annually deaths of winter influenza in Italy.
    Nevertheless , to be sure , we should note now that the toll deaths begin to fall, taking in account all the measures , and that all activities are falling hard.
    I already agreed with all your other comments, regarding the media and
    I think , that what you are saying now is very important for someone not living in Italy.

  3. Brother, I noted a little shift, regarding your comments of something done intentionally.

    Nevertheless I still keep in mind your numbers , and think they have sense…

    But , at the same time , I wonder :

    Why the people Dying of this virus daily in Italy, Iran and Spain are about 90% of the people dying daily in the whole world ?

    This countries account only for 2,5 % of world population.

    Nowadays , In China, India and Rusia which account for 30% of world population are almost no deaths nowadays.

    I don’t believe that India has a better medical situation than Italy or Spain, or that there is no pollution.

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