5 thoughts on “New Censorship: Banned from Internet by Federal Judge”

    1. @Joseph Canna I think it is important that we are precise. It is Fascism not Communism. The government colludes with Global Corporations. Case in point is the Massachusetts SOS’s office using its Twitter Partnership to ban a candidate for Federal office from Twitter because that candidate put public-record emails about ballot images being deleted on his Twitter account.

      The Election Director of Mass along with the National Association of Election Directors used their Twitter Partnerships to request that Jack Dorsey ban the grassroots candidate’s twitter account. There are two active lawsuits in Federal court about this matter. One concerns First Amendment Free Speech and the other concerns the weighted-race feature algorithm inside all voting systems.

      One person, one vote is a lie.

  1. As Christians it’s important to know that the coming collapse and destruction of our Western controlled monetary banking and economic system, which St. John calls the Great Whore of Babylon that presently rides the back of THE BEAST is the will of God according to Rev. 17:16-18 which says the God Himself shall put into the hearts of the rulers of the earth (10 horns) to destroy the Whore and even give their Support to the Beast “until the words of God are fulfilled.” We must thus decry the evil of this Babylonian Whore, separate ourselves from it and then wait patiently for God to accomplish His redemptive purpose in the short reign of THE BEAST.” Perfect Peace of Heart is promised to those who live in all Our Lord promised in John 14, 15, 16, & 17!

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