Thank you for making FromRome.Info truly independent media!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The upgrade to the new server is now complete.

I want to thank all the supporters of FromRome.Info for having made it possible for FromRome.Info to become truly independent media, by breaking from WordPress hosting and upgrading to a new fast server.

Now I am able to send unlimited emails and to publish videos without any censorship. While there remains some limitation, since I cannot have more than 4000 views per month of a 1 GB video, it is nevertheless a beginning.  I will try to publish here only short, highly compressed videos to avoid overloading the services gets.

The harassment of Globalist media against all those who speak the truth will have its effect. It will be hard for those addicted to YouTube or WordPress to find FromRome.Info and the videos I produce. They have to break from the convenience of being fed propaganda on social media and seek the less traveled paths of signing up for an email update at FromRome, and checking their email regularly rather than their App notifications.

As for those companies which offer the ability to have a website where I could have more videos and more viewers, they are either politically controlled or require thousands of dollars of fees monthly, which is way beyond the ability of my small readership to support.  Yes, on Youtube you get everything free, but its not the unfiltered truth, its propaganda or controlled under the every increasing arbitrary Globalist rules.

2021 will see censorship go to astronomical levels.  I am convinced the Globalists are losing control of the narrative and that humanity is waking up to their lies and the lies of the Scamdemic. Thus, they will push to excess the levels of censorship this year.

For this reason, I am particularly touched at heart that my readers were able to raise the funds necessary to make this transition away from WordPress and upgrade the server. Be assured of my prayers each day before the footstool of the Queen of Heaven, Our Lady, here at Rome: to God the Father, for His Omnipotent and Overflowing Blessing upon your all.

Going forward, I sense that now more than ever we must deepen our faith and lives of prayer, so I will be including more regularly articles on our Holy Father and on the life of prayer, and try to share some of what the Franciscan Saints have taught in their writings about various topics.

In the meantime, if there are any readers who would like to know how to help me out, I would for the love of Jesus Christ, beg a few of you to help me get some groceries, by making a donation to Save Old St. Mary’s Inc., a US Charity which supports me for such needs.

With Globalist Censorship growing daily, No one will ever know about the above article, if you do not share it.