Ordo Militaris Inc. offers 1 Million Shares for sale for new Social Media Platform

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

To defend the rights of Christians in social media, Ordo Militaris Inc., of Helena, Montana, has undertaken the development and creation of a new social media platform known as CrossAzure.Net.

The Corporation, founded in 2016 by Br. Alexis Bugnolo and Mr. Andrew J. Baalman, is dedicated to defending Christians from persecution, from whatever quarter that persecution comes.

The new social media platform will reinvent social media according to Catholic principles and provide a free and open platform for everyone to engage in free speech according to Catholic moral principles. The platform will serve especially to counter the forces of globalism and freemasonry in their attempt to stifle speech and force their own thought upon humanity.

To achieve these goals, Ordo Miltiaris Inc. announced this morning the offering of 1 Million Shares of common non-voting stock. The shares will be sold for $1 USD per share, in accord with the Security Exchange Commission’s Rule 506(c) for restricted securities.  Investors, from any country not banned by the U.S.A. for trafficking or under embargo, who meet the requirements of the SEC Rule can purchase stock in this offering.

The social media platform is in development, and when it goes on line, the news will be announced here at FromRome.Info.

For more information, see Ordo Miltiaris Inc.’s website, and download the Stock prospectus for this series from its apposite page.

For public disclosure, as required by the USA Security and Exchanges Commission, I am the President of Ordo Militaris Inc., and no promise about future profitability or success is implied in the above public statement. To speak with me in regard to this offering, in my capacity as President, please call me at +1 406 299 9260, or leave me a message letting me know how to contact you and at what hour. Calls to that number via Skype are free, and that number also receives SMS messages from most regions.


CREDITS: The features image is a screen shot of the media platform in development, the presentation and design of which might change prior to public launch.

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