Fr. John O’Connor on the Sodomite Infiltration of the Catholic Church
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4 thoughts on “Fr. John O’Connor on the Sodomite Infiltration of the Catholic Church”

  1. While there is nothing new to learn here it’s nonetheless good to hear it straight from Fr. John O’Connor himself who has paid the price for disclosure. Would that our silent Bishops & Cardinals get the grace to speak openly about what actually happened eight years ago when PBXVI was forced to make an invalid resignation in Latin & be held a prisoner within the Vatican precincts ever since.

  2. Our search has been ongoing literally for years, and it has not yet been fruitful as the video of Father John O’Connor has gone missing that unfolds information which gives the invaluable and detailed information about who the top ”elites” running the world today REALLY ARE and WHERE THEY REALLY CAME FROM.

    This information has been hidden in order that most people remain unaware, and the truth that Fr. O’Connor provides is a tool for Catholics to understand the times in which we live.
    The title of the video is ”The synagogue of satan”.

    This is revealed by God in the book of the Apocalypse, chapter 2 verse 9 and again in chapter 3 verse 9. Check this out in your Douay Rheims Bible. It is Father O’Connor’s video which will explain what we all need to know about GOD’S revelation here.

    Everyone who comes to know and understand what Father O’Connor reveals in this video, will also fully understand what GOD has revealed that is for us to know in our times; and yet the video has been purposefully removed through the machinations of these evil enemies of GOD of whom GOD speaks in the above Bible verses.
    PLEASE POST IT HERE. Thank you.

    1. Not the one you are looking for, but maybe an edited version of it, it seems.

      Still hard hitting, especially considering it was recorded in 1987.

      Catholic media organisations need to abandon the sinking, stinking YouTube ship and use other platforms!

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