The Italian Government is totally psychotic and rejects all Medical Fact

English Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

June 9, 2021 — In the above video, the Italian Senator, Sarah Cunial, in the Senate, here in Italy, lists a long list of medical facts, findings, declarations and published findings regarding the inefficacy of wearing the mask, using the swab test, the inefficacy of the mRNA therapy to reduce risk, in an elegant demonstration that the position of the government of the Italian Republic is now 100% divorced from reality, science and medicine, in its assertions to justify lock-downs, vaccine passports, curfews and movement and employment restrictions and financial penalties.

A government which has banned home cure, which insists on masking young children and permits medical experimentation on them. A government which destroys businesses, family life, tourism, the economy, and which is morally responsible for 10s of thousands of deaths by forced use of intentionally dangerous and irresponsible practices, the deliberate and intentional ban on medicines which cure and save lives, and the cause of the suicide of thousand and the death of hundreds from their terrorism launched on all channels of media for more than a year!

She shames her colleagues by closing in saying, “Morality is doing what is right regardless of what you are told or commanded, Obedience is doing what you are told or commanded, regardless of what is right”.

By “obedience”, she means what St. Thomas Aquinas calls false and excessive obedience.

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