14 thoughts on “Biden can now be formally brought to Nuremburg 2.0 and condemned”

  1. Could someone please explain why The Holy Roman Catholic Church has done nothing about excommunicating all the Catholic Democrats in the US Congress, for starters. Along with all the other politicians who are defiantly in opposition to Church doctrine? Here we are at this point and everyone now expects the lawyers to fix things when in reality it was the responsibility of the Church. The long lost members from all indications are blindly following, that’s the impression I get, most of them so lost they don’t even know they’re lost. It’s like Stockholm syndrome has taken over the entire world.

    1. Because the Church since Benedict XV has been in the hands of the Freemasons who have had control of Papal Finances and thus all the practical power.

  2. Rand Paul has formally filed charges with the Department of Justice against Fauci. He thinks they’ll do nothing about it. I would expect similar treatment of Biden in the US. This will only see justice in this world at an international court.

    1. This guy is a joker. You file criminal charges with the Prosecutor of the D. C. Court which has exclusive jurisdiction over federal employees.

      1. You mean the Prosecutor of the DC Court that is brutalizing, illegally detaining/isolating the protestors from January 6, treating them as illegal alien terrorists, or worse, because they simply spoke up about joker in Chief? That Prosecutor? Please, I haven’t had my first cup of coffee yet.

      2. Sorry, but in the U.S. system you cannot chose the jurisdiction of your legal complaint. If you have not yet realized that the Constitution was never meant to work for the Christian people of America, you better have a second cup of coffee and read the history behind where that Document came from and how it replaced the legitimate government of the Confederation of States.

  3. The first one who needs to be excommunicated is Bergoglio and all his like minded Cardinals and Bishops. As Archb. CARLO MARIA VIGANO said “we have a non-catholic pope” and that’s if he is A true pope

    1. Anyone who can say, “We” “have” a “non Catholic Pope”, is someone who is joshing you, because it is impossible that a pope be a pope and not be catholic, unless of course he is not the pope. Verified that he is non Catholic, one must conclude he is not the pope. But if you say such a man is still YOUR pope, you profess to be living a lie, a double life and a masonic definition of the Church.

    2. Of course JB is not Catholic & also not the Pope. Many of us knew that from day 1. Cardinals Burke & the three other Dubia Cardinals knew that, Cardinals Sarah, Zen & Müller, Bishops Schneider, Vigano, Gadecki, Strickland etc. know that also but their Pride & possibly Blackmail doesn ‘t allow them to speak so they plead obedience to a ‘false’ pope who has opened the Vatican doors to idolatry, heresy, homo-erotic parties, handing over the Chinese Catholic underground church for $2B p.a. etc. etc. while they wait & watch from the fence they have glued themselves to. They are as complicit as St. Gallen Group, as are the Jesuit Order, the Traditional Orders (who contiunue to cite Francis in the Canon of the Mass & call him Holy Father) & most of the so-called Catholic websites who support him & cover his colossal anti-Catholic doctrine & hatred of the True Faith at every twist & turn even to the point of forcing the Death Vaxx & Passport upon the faithful. They have outed themselves to the world but Our Lady has stated they will be obliged to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart which will lead to Her Triumph.

  4. Thanks for the link, Br. Alexis. I just listened to the show about the Articles of Confederation. I never knew anything about it, even though I have a degree in history. Do we know who wrote the Articles of Confederation?

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