— DeathBishop Bishop Jackels & Human Composting

Commentary on the above by Br. Alexis Bugnolo, the only new aggregation site in the English speaking Catholic world, has rightfully lambasted with the graphic above the horrendous pastoral letter by Bishop Jackels of Dubuque, Iowa, USA, who approves of human composting as a process respectful of the mortal remains of a Catholic.

Here is his missive on death:

The disgusting logic of this moral monster is beyond all science-fiction. He claims that it is a waste of land to bury the dead! But composting is respectful. He is truly a Satanic and devilishly minded sicko, for Satan glorifies in the destruction of God’s handiwork, the masterpiece of all in creation is human nature.

The Church has always demanded that the body be preserved and respected as much as possible since on the Last Day it shall rise again and meet the Lord Jesus face to face in Judgement.  The gratuitous destruction of that body before or after death is a wilful attack on the Divine Majesty’s handiwork. Something hateful in God’s site.

Finally, to liquify bodies and compost them chemically not only serves the Globalist Order’s desire to exterminate humanity, but removes all memory of the person and would make the veneration of future saints impossible.

If the Church was sane this bishop would be excommunicated and reduced to the state of a laymen for life. His thought is a theological, moral and anthropologic monstrostity right up there with the mass muderers of history.

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  1. So scientific and full of thoughtful ways of disposing of dead human bodies. No room left in his pragmatic brain for the “precious body one day to be resurrected and live forever with Christ in the next world.”..)Respectful thought leads to respectful words. Holy thoughts lead to holy words. Holy words edify.They lift us up. We dont like words that say..Hey. This guy is dead
    Let’s throw this dude away in a ditch .Whas the difference, ya know? I mean, hes dead Right ? He dont know no difference. That’s disrespectful . That’s a man with a sordid soul speaking. And, watch out, for they are legion.

      1. (U made the 1 correction, but not the other, tho’ small potatoes, it b: His Grace of Dubuque is an archbishop/metropolitan.)

      2. An archbishop is also a bishop. I cannot escape noticing that his surname is the name of the animal which guards Seth (Satan) in Egyptian mythology.

  2. Certainly the Church doesn’t cut up saint’s bodies for relics. All the saints I have seen displayed are resting in an open coffin for veneration, of course these are the incorruptibles. But aren’t all saints incorruptible to a certain point?
    Correct me if I’m wrong here Brother, but as far as I’m aware the relics come from exterior parts such as hair and clothing mostly.
    What he is proposing is satanic coming from someone who has sold his soul to the devil in some shape or form, ie pedophilia, homosexuality, satanic worship etc…..

    1. The bones of saints who are corrupt, and even the flesh of saints who are incorrupt are divided to share among Churches where these Saints are to be venerated. This is an ancient practice and the Saints have always shown their approval by working miracles where the relics are brought to rest.

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