Catholic Pastor suspended for telling the full truth against the Globalist Narrative

English Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Father Gino Pierosara, Catholic priest and pastor at Fabriano, in Le Marche, was suspended from his office as pastor and from his ministry as exorcist by his bishop last week.

The “crime”?  He held a meeting in his church where he allowed parisioners to not wear the DeathMask and during which he said, “Bergoglio is not the true Pope”.

Two serious violations of the Globalist NewThink and MainStreamMedia Approved Dogmas.

Father Pierosara is a true Catholic and deserves the praise and prayers of all of us.

If he had held a perverted party in church, no doubt his Bishop would have promoted him, but what actually happened goes to demonstrate that the men we think are our Bishops are not in communion with Jesus Christ, but serve the Globalist New World Order. When we act on this realization, we will find we have been lied for for many years and that Holy Mother Church has been raped by Judas Iscariots for decades.

As the faithful of Christ, this should motivate us to zeal to drive out the wicked and support the just. May it be so!

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