11 thoughts on “Are there Graphene Oxide Razor Blades in the DeathVaxx?”

    1. Look, don’t believe that someone has died because two days before the announcement social media accounts are created to tell the world about it. That’s not how it works.

      1. So he could be ok? I was do schocked first about the video and then about the comment about his passing away.

  1. People don’t want to know. I send so many videos like this to my family members, they say they have no time to listen to this (they have kids they will vaccinate, if authorities tell them!!!!!!!), they think I am crazy doubting authorities, and as you know authorities are moving fast with this now. Now WHO said all people need to be vaccinated. One can wonder: are they all idiots or are they all oblivious? In either case, we are in trouble, if we let this continue.

    1. I hear you. My heart should every minute of every day REJOICE because of the Gospel but these days I walk around all sorrowful, all the time. I’m drowning in my own tears, so many are going to die and not even know why. I never ever thought I would see days like this. I mean up to now I would say, what a great movie plot, is this from a Tom Clancy novel?

      Lord Jesus have mercy on us.

  2. Got to say, this is a gut cruncher. The razor blades are graphene hydroxide, do not corrode, the stabbed are cut from inside out. Using what discernment I have been given by God, this is the truth. Looks like this Brave Soul was killed few days after the video for whistleblowing the truth. Please pray for him and his pregnant girlfriend.

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