NEW ZEALAND Bans the unVaxxed from getting driver licenses

Please note that this news article is available to be read only in certain locales. Europe, for example is blocked from reading it.

However, here is an excerpt smuggled out of New Zealand by our NZ Correspondent:

By Nick Truebridge for RNZ

Learner drivers looking to lose the L plates will not be able to sit practical tests unless they are fully vaccinated.

VTNZ’s line has drawn the ire of the Driving Change Network. It says hundreds of students, who are not yet fully vaccinated, will face further delays to getting licences.

The network worries teenagers in the lowest vaccinated areas will also be adversely affected.

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7 thoughts on “NEW ZEALAND Bans the unVaxxed from getting driver licenses”

  1. It’s best to actually break down society completely.
    Boycott any business using vacs pass, don’t go to any events or concerts, then see how they like it when all businesses fail.
    We will stick the great reset up where the sun don’t shine, one way or the other.
    Even if it is implemented, their new world order, with the great reset, in that new world, we will still sabotage and break it from within, and at the same time slaughter all the evil and devil worshipping scum, one by one. Some of us are already doing something slowly. I hope and pray for more natural disasters where these evil ones are, to make it more confusing for them. We will win, but it’s a long hard road ahead.

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