Dr. Fuellmich: The Courts are not going to save us, We need to do it ourselves!

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11 thoughts on “Dr. Fuellmich: The Courts are not going to save us, We need to do it ourselves!”

  1. The lawyer Reiner Fuellmich says that the judiciary around the world is controlled and / or massively infiltrated by the Globalists, so the only possibility of stopping the genocide would be a planetary popular uprising, which – I might add – very little feasible – because, on one side, the vast majority of the world population has not yet understood anything, on the other side, the Globalists also control Law Enforcement, Secret Services, Armies and can dispose of mercenaries at will. A frightening gallery of pseudo-vaccine horrors follows in the article. The Judeo-Masonic Globalists, who have sold their souls to their god Lucifer, from whom they receive the immense power they have and are in continuous and direct contact with him, carry out his orders without perhaps being aware that they will be themselves. privileged victims, in the other immensely more terrible life. Hell is not a bogey invented by priests. Hell, like Heaven, exists and is eternal, but unlike Heaven, unimaginable happiness, it is of unimaginable horror and despair. Let’s get information, let’s get information, while we are in time. Let us try to wake up, to face reality and to prepare ourselves, asking for God’s forgiveness and the help of His Most Holy Mother with the Holy Rosary, the Miraculous Medal, the Scapular, (the other pseudo aids: esotericism, yoga. Meditation. transcendental, new-age and so on are all bitches inspired by the devil, disguised as an angel of light), in order not to risk having to share the same terrifying eternity towards which the Globalists followed by their collaborators at all levels and from all social classes, because the worst (in which a world war with unimaginable destructive powers is by no means excluded) must, in all probability, still come.

    For a formidable knowledge of Jesus Christ, on which the eternal salvation of every man depends, God has given to humanity, in anticipation of what is happening and what will happen: “The Gospel as it was revealed to me” https: // scriptivaltorta.altervista.org/per_volume.htm

    After reading it a thousand times (hyperbolic figure, because it would take a thousand years to do so), you would discover that you have not yet exhausted your knowledge, because God is infinite and eternity will not be enough to discover and understand His Charity, His first and main attribute, from which all the others derive.

    “This is eternal life: that they know You, the only true God, and Him whom You sent, Jesus Christ.” Jn 17.3

    PLEASE NOTE: It goes without saying that losing eternal life means falling into eternal death, that is, into Hell, where the soul continues to live (because it is immortal), with an intensity and lucidity never experienced in this life, (due to the strong conditioning of the body), in the excruciating despair of having lost God FOREVER and in a continuous, inexorable, unbearable stench.

  2. I feel compelled once again to correct the commenter’s statement above that is antisemitic. Vercinge describes the enemy as the “Judeo-Masonic Globalists.” The notion that there is a Jewish World Conspiracy plays into the hands of Satan. I’m sure there is a large serving of Masonic influence, but it is much more accurate to call them Global Communists. This fits all of the players well like Soros, Gates, Obama, Biden, Schwab ,the Pope, the woke false church etc etc.

    1. My fiends in Israel do not find the phrase antisemetic because they admit a great number of Jews apostasied in the 1600’s and subsequently founded and promoted the presend world conspiracy to genocide humanity

      1. You should read Warrant For Genocide by Norman Cohn. Gives complete history of the false Jewish world Conspiracy. The biggest contributor to that idea was the plagiarized Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which Cohn traces snd gives a complete history of in his book. It is both fascinating and exhaustive in its treatment of the Protocols of which the Russian mesmerized Rasputin played a part. Hitler used the Protocols as the basis of the Holocaust. You cannot believe the Jewish World conspiracy without being a part of disseminating the Protocols. That’s how important it is…

  3. Great possibility R. Fuellmich has been bought out. One does not lead with 1000 lawyers and 10,000 medical professionals l and tell you to go do it yourself! Those with eyes to see and ears to hear know something is not right.

    1. I think that many have amateurish concepts of how law works. Dr. Fuelmich is an experienced litigation lawyer and has gathered an immense quantity of evidence which can be used for any trial in any giurisdiction. But you have to have a court in which you can make a charge on the evidence you have, and in matters of civil damages those courts are few. Criminal changes can only be brought in restricted jurisdictions, and someone needs to inform him that in certain US states a private citizen can demand a Grand Jury hear evidence to begin such a criminal investigation. He like most foreigners probably does not know about this. Ask the editor of The Post & Email who is an expert on such news about such actions.

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