Amazon is about to become agent of the CCP

Editor’s Note: I can already confirm that 50% of products sold in Italy by Amazon are Chinese and junk, which needs to be returned. Stay away from Amazon!

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6 thoughts on “Amazon is about to become agent of the CCP”

  1. I’ve been leery of Amazon for a long time. I avoid shopping there. Unfortunately, they are dominate in the book selling industry. It’s nearly impossible to not be connected with them as an author. Would be nice to have a viable alternative.

  2. Wonderful! China tools…9/16th inch wrench arrived and was really an 8/16th inch.
    Accurate indeed.

    Can only hope their reproduction of U.S. war machines is as much quality as that.

  3. Amazon is so overrun with Chinese counterfeit junk that you never know whether you’re getting the real product or a cheap knock off.

    Many reviews are fake or written in return for free products.

    These days, I only order from Amazon as a last resort.

    I use Amazon to research a product, then go directly to the manufacturer’s website or a manufacturer-approved vendor to order to ensure it’s not counterfeit.

    For example, I ordered my Weber grill from the Weber website. I ordered plumbing supplies from a hardware store.

    I ordered books from the publisher (such as, the specialty bookseller, and the Catholic goods site, rather than from Amazon.

    It costs more in shipping and takes longer, but at least I’m not feeding the Amazon beast!

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