ISRAEL: Ministry of Health threatens principal with death if he refuses forced vaxxing students

Editor’s Note: This video/audio is in modern Hebrew. FromRome.Info is seeking an English transcript. If any reader can give one, please leave it in the comment section, here below.

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7 thoughts on “ISRAEL: Ministry of Health threatens principal with death if he refuses forced vaxxing students”

  1. I received a phone call from someone who is the principal.of q yeshiva Central Israel.. i stood beside him in his office today.The principal received q phone call today”Shalom this is the Ministry of health. We arrange with u today to send special teams to persuade the children to be vaccinated and explain to them what the vaccination is about..Principal: we have to permission from the parents first.
    Man: No. We don’t need any permission from the parents. We we explain to the child, persuade him and he signs. Then on a certain day we come and do the vaccination.
    Principal: Absolutely no way!
    And now listen to what i was asked to share .
    The man from the Ministry says:Listen well. If you oppose this you are what is called an antivaxer. And you need to know the price of what you do. Listen well. You don’t tell a single person about this conversation. It remains between us.if you advertise this you will call calamity on your head – (they said this is what is likely to hqppen).
    In short not simple. The man is between the frying pan and the fire. He doesn’t know what to do. He is connected with(somebig rabbi) .They don’t know how to swallow all this.
    Today i had another phone call. I asked and found out parental permission is not needed.
    This is impossible to oppose so easily. He advises all parents to speak to their children and warn and explain NOT TO TAKE ANY VACCINE. NOY TO AGREE TO ANYTHING from anyone

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