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  1. Are any vaccines safe??? I have children! And although we know about this bio weapon and that it’s not a vaccine, what about all the others??? How do we keep our children safe? How do we know who or what to trust anymore? What have we already be exposed to from all the others?

    1. I cannot give you medical advise, as I am not a doctor. But I have personally decided never to take a vaccine again for the rest of my life. I do not trust BigPharma or the govt. any more.

      1. I feel the same way! No vaccines for me! Haven’t had a flu vaccine in over 15 years. I also will not let my animals have any more vaccinations either!

    2. I am proudly ant-vaxx – specifically and as a general concept.

      Never again; not now, not ever. Pharma has been exposed and I do not trust them by even a particle.

      I am happy with the miraculous system God gave me. I don’t need any assist from the godless vandals of Big Pharma.

    3. You can TRUST only God – nobody else! And this trust must be complete, what does it mean, trusting against all odds and fears! And offer daily your children and whole your family under the cover of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus, then you will get your peace, that all will be all right!

    4. Robert Kennedy Jr’s website is “Children’s Defense Fund”, I think, and I may be mistaken but he knows a lot about vaccines so you might want to go there and see what is said. There are surely many people now concerned about vaccines in general after seeing what we have seen in the last two years. Perhaps there are homeopathic or alternative medicine people you can find and you can start to make sense of what is a good idea and what might not be. Knowing who to trust is not going to be as easy as it once was. Pray of course. Ask God to reveal to you what is good for your children.

  2. Can they detox this graphine oxide? Some say NAC and zinc……spoke with Dr. Judy Mikovitz for my son who took it and she gave me products. Dimythylglycine ….etc…..she said have to keep immune system up.

    1. My understanding of graphene is that it will never degrade until the end of time. It is a mysterious substance that no one can be quite certain where it came from. It is shaped like little nano-sized (multi-fraction of the width of paper) razor blades.

      The German graphene doctoral specialist (the only such specialist in EU) who discovered this literally died the day after he released a video explaining his findings.

      The graphene razors, once injected, will never expel. They will circulate and scrape, as intended, until their deed is done.

      This is the final public words from the world’s foremost graphene specialist.


    2. Obviously Dimythylglycine is a methylation tool. For what reason would Dr. Mikovitz refer it over (Betaine)Trimethylglycine? Indeed, both are methylators and have different pathways as well as slightly different purposes. Should people consume both; or, just be certain to eat the correct foods since Trimethylglycine becomes Dimythylglycine after one of its methylator groups has been donated making oxidated homocystein a neutral substance. Is one preferable over the other?

  3. These videos (there are others line them) are essential viewing.

    They “stole a march” on us and many of us did their bidding out of ignorance and trust. But now we know enough to pause that, now gather and adjust our understanding.

    Then … comes a new response on more equal footing of mutual knowledge of who these people are and what exactly they have done and intend to do.

    Many of us can’t wrap our heads around crimes of this magnitude (like the Catholic crime of two Popes). Those who witness a mini-apocalypse (violence of various forms) speak of being immobilized from incomprehension … there is no frame of reference for what you see to make any sense – and appropriate, necessary action is replaced by “dumb” immobilization.

    But gradually, we are re-gaining our wits. This 30 minute talk is an excellent exposition on the apocalypse inflicted on us by an active, present, satanic evil we read about, but until now have comfortably ignored. Their impulses are rapacious and like their master need to be fed.

  4. Simply fascinating; although, repulsive. Though captivated in watching this and enthralled by the technology; it is as watching a monster movie…Can’t not watch, but it in its purpose and science is HORRIFIC. As horrific as it is; is still easier to see than a guillotine would be in watching it perform its purpose. Yuck…
    What is the pathology on the physiological aspects in relevant anatomical systems…?

  5. hi br

    i’ ve been thinking about it some more, seems to my mind that , aside from potential or actual genetic manipulation in the serum recipient, which i only really superficially grasp the potentiality [medically and spiritually] , perhaps there is still a path to redemption in Gods eyes – through NAC etc – where there need not exist any.

    perhaps a redemptive action is as follows.

    spiritually [psychologically];

    a sincere and profound regret [‘ a natural reaction and widespread phenomenon of vaccine remorse], a remorse , stripped utterly naked of self and egotism. a moment in moments of utter poverty, a helpless , lamentable surrender to God’s mercy.

    physically [physiologically];

    the action, were one prescribes one self , on the premise of best evidence based practice. i.e the scientific literature, the medical papers that show, evidentially that NAC etc antioxidants work to eliminate this base element Graphene Oxide, as perhaps, the mark of the beast and to rescue one’s body and mind as best one can. wishing , with one’s will and action, to remain inviolable, sovereign , as HE made us. striving thus to walk back to God from genetic and sovereign oblivion.

    He, wants all men to be saved

    i don’t wish to presume, but it is a course of action based on scripture and evidence based practice medicine.



    it is , i believe a course to a holistic redemption,

    could you formulate one Br to give hope to the reality, the actuality of the situation.?

  6. Revelation 9:6
    ” In those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, but death will escape them”.

    Once their nano-tech is inside of you, you will not be able to escape it. Those who refuse the mark will not be able to trade, eat, sell, or live apart from their system.

    Their digital system is imminent. They are about ready to collapse the fiat system.

    Our Lord also warned us the beast will succeed for a season.

  7. Ivermectin was discovered in the most unbelievable way. The Japanese gentleman who found it, found it on his golf course, not knowing at all he was making an astounding discovery. The bacteria for Ivermectin has not been found in any other location on earth. The man who discovered it won the Nobel Prize.
    God is good. He provided.
    The field of vaccine injury is new, and they are learning more and more every day, surely. There are doctors that Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone consider the experts on this area. If people took the vax and wish to try to undo it, they should. They are discovering new things every day. One thing that is said is that there is great variety among batches of vaccines. You can go and look up your batch, the number of which is apparently on your card, that tells you the number, and look it up at, I think, “how bad is my batch”, which will tell you. Perhaps you got a “good batch”. God rules all. Put yourself in the hands of God and just trust. He knows what you need and we are all here every second of every day, at His pleasure. Do not worry about what people tell you, you will die, blah blah blah. Hysteria never helps anything. Stay calm, and learn what you can. Things are never as bad as people say.
    We should encourage each other. Times are bad enough without our fellow man piling on pointlessly. God bless all.

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