AUSTRALIA: Truckers down-under to surround Canberra in two days’ time

Editor’s Note: does not usually publicize future events,
but while the Revolution is on a roll, I say, Deus Vult!

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8 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA: Truckers down-under to surround Canberra in two days’ time”

  1. I love the slogan: “You came for our children. Now we’re coming for you.”

    On point!

  2. Let’s hope this is the real thing, and not an excuse for the globalists to blame the unvaccinated for crashing the supply chain around the world. Justin Cowardthough should resign.

  3. I believe they are letting us rant,believing we will exhaust ourselves and evaporate into oblivion. How to keep the battle alert and alive is a good question.

    1. God is waiting to help through our prayers and return to Him. Pray them out. This evil work is being done by fallen angels. The humans (politicians) are deceived). Lord wants us to pray for them too. Holy Rosary, Crusade Prayers in the ‘Book of Truth’ as ‘The Last Mission in Earth if the Holy Trinity to Save Souls’, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Confession, receiving of the Sacraments, preparation for the Illumination of Conscience and ‘ready for us now and going into Paradise (the garden of eden).

  4. There is so much in these protests that is profound. So much to say about the world’s “wise” and the common man, and who are more accurately called, the wise. God be with them and all liberty-loving people around the world. God gives us sovereignty, not these penny-ante tyrants. Our rights come from Him, men cannot take them away.

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