BREAKING: Bergoglio prepares to dissolve the Sovereignty of the Vatican City State

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Vatican published its 2022 budget. While this may seem a dry topic, in reading the Vatican News report about this, one finds that two maxims are proven true:  “Follow the money” and “The devil’s in the details”.

And like anything else, you cannot do either, unless you read and think about what you are reading.

So here is my commentary.

Bergoglio is taking massive graft for pushing the Scamdemic

For the first time in history, the Vatican budget is including the balance sheets of Vatican controlled entities outside of Vatican territory: that is, in the territory of the Italian Republic.

Most notably, some very large hospitals.

But in Italy, the Sanitary Dictatorship of the GoldmanSachs Puppet, Mario Draghi, pays hospitals to push the Scamdemic and even to murder patients, by offering bonuses to diagnoses of Covid-19 and death by Covid-19. There are also payments for distributing the DeathVaxx. And Bergoglio was just uncovered to have met twice with Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, last year. So one only has to connect the dots about other possible sources of income.

But what might it amount to?

In this new budget the Vatican gross receipts has been increased by the addition of these extra-territorial operations by 500 Million Euros, that is about $620 Million USD.

That is a massive about of graft, of the same moral quality as stealing gold out of the teeth of Jews at Auschwitz.

Now you know why Bergoglio says, taking the Vax is an act of love.

Bergoglio, by the way, received episcopal consecration from the same Church faction (House of Rampolla — I like to call them) which supported Hitler and helped the Nazis escape with their gold out of Germany at the end of World War II, perhaps even Hitler himself, to Argentina.

Bergoglio has restated the Vatican Budget as a NGO

Ever the consummate hypocrite, who says the Church should not become a NGO, this new Vatican Budget, by restating the balance sheet with inclusions from outside Vatican territory AND by calling itself a “Mission Budget” has adopted the language and accounting practices of a NGO, which is not territorial, but seeks funding from national governments and other NGOs.

This is an ominous break with all past practice and indicates a decisive secularization of Vatican operations.

Vatican City State to be dissolved as sovereign entity?

But what all this indicates is something which should send shivers down the backs of every cleric in the Church, namely, that Bergoglio has prepared all the essential steps to transitioning the Vatican City State to a Church, like every other protestant church in the world, which operates without a sovereign territory and is content to present itself to the world as just another denomination.

And who would do that, but someone who is planning with the Globalists to offer them their dream of dreams: total and permanent renunciation of territorial sovereignty by the Apostolic See?

Such a decision would abolish the special privileges of the Church founded by the King of Kings and maker Her the bride and whore of the Satanic Globalist Sect.


There are those who refuse to think, mask themselves, inject themselves with unknown serums and who rail against anyone who opposes their own godlessness. But for those who are still honest, and for any un-controlled Catholic news source, to remain remain silent about  the implications of this new Vatican Budget will be simply an impossibility.

And for all those who say, “What does it matter who is pope?”, you can eat your words at breakfast this morning.

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23 thoughts on “BREAKING: Bergoglio prepares to dissolve the Sovereignty of the Vatican City State”

  1. Anyone who calls the self ‘awakened’ but fail or refuse to see the most serious implications of this, quite simply are not awakened and live in cuckoo land .

  2. No wonder they framed Cardinal Pell. This is not good. Lose the Vatican City State, and you really diminish the visible authority of papacy. Most people judge matters by the externals. What kind of car they drive, what clothes they wear,etc. Vatican City conveys the independence of a pope and his standing to speak on faith and morals. They’re going after the papacy the way they went after the Catholic monarchs.

  3. There was a pb book entitled Catholic Prophesy by Yves Dupont back in the 1990s which was a compilation of many saints prophecies from the past. The destruction of Rome by the antichrist is one of them.

  4. Ubi Sedes beatissimi Petri et Cathedra veritatis ad lucem gentium constituta est, ibi thronum posuerunt abominationis impietatis suae, ut percusso pastore et grege disperdere valeant.

  5. If this happens, Francis will not have to die in order to fulfill Apocalypse, since there is no king without kingdom.
    Should it happen, an ingenious solution, I must say.

    1. When JackCitizenUS says there is a revolution in the Vatican, and no one in Italy says there is, I regard it as a joke.

  6. You would think that every Catholic who knows anything at all about his faith, would at least understand that Peter, upon whom Christ promised to build His Church, and to whom He gave the Keys of His Kingdom, would also understand this would HAVE TO involve a perpetual linage of His Peters, His Vicars, or “Prime Ministers,” and that, MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, despite any personal faults, failures or doubts any of these popes might have had, absolutely none of them COULD EVER (OR DID EVER) DENY THE FAITH. For any Catholic to say it doesn’t matter who the true head of God’s earthy Kingdom is, is worse off than sincere Protestants with their incomplete faith who would never tolerate anyone even coming close to Fraudcis’ apostasy as pastor or head of their church or denomination! And that same inferior status applies for Catholics who know the Apostasy of Bergoglio and refuse to stand up and support the true vicar of Christ

  7. How much longer will the Cardinals and Bishops of the world keep silent? Their time is coming to an end. They will all have to answer to God for their lack of stewardship and care of His sheep. And, they will have to answer for their traitorous actions regarding both the antipope and Pope Benedict.

  8. Dio tramite il suo Fra. Alexis “Lanciafuoco” Bugnolo colpisce il Bersaglio ancora una volta.. Bravo! Grazie Fra Alexis.

  9. Erdogan potrebbe essere un Frankista-Shabbataista?

    Il libro “Vaticinia Sive Prophetiae de Futuris Pontificibus” *
    (stampato a Venezia verso il 1590, per incarico di un certo
    Hyeronimus Porrum e il francescano Gabriele Barrio)
    si chiude con un testo in turco arcaico (in parte tradotto
    con il traduttore automatico di Google) e con la figura
    di un versimile “turco col turbante” che tiene in mano
    UN GLOBO INCANDESCENTE e che poggia i piedi su
    altri DUE GLOBI INCADENSCENTI. e_galleries/other_vaticinia_collections/vaticinia_siue_prophetIae/vaticinia_siue_prophetiae.html

    In parte tiene in mano questo globo, in parte sembra molto
    terrorizzato perché non ne è il creatore nè lo capisce a fondo.

    Molti interpreti di Nostradamus e dell’Apocalisse,
    affermano che Roma verrà colpita da una bomba
    nucleare e/o da una bomba al gas contro il Quirinale.

    Questo risulterebbe dal commento all’ultimo Pontefice
    “Petrus Romanus” nella Profezia di San Malachia da Armagh
    ma anche da numerose quartine di Nostradamus, che
    fanno pensare piuttosto ad una bomba ai neutroni.
    Secondo mè la quartina dove Michel Nostradamus scrive
    “dei pesci semicotti nel Mar Nero”, tratta di due esplosioni
    nucleari alla base di uno di dei ponti sul Bosforo, che
    faranno cadere un ponte incandescente sullo stretto,
    agendo come una gigantesca griglia.

    Altri autori hanno manipolato il GOD e MAGOD
    dell’ APOCALISSE invertendo si ottiene “DOGAM”…
    e questo viene menzionato da Nostradamus come
    il “grande cane nero”, il mastino…

    Ora, dalla base di INCIRCLIK in Turchia, gli americani
    hanno ritirato tutte le bombe nucleari più potenti, quelle
    da 100 Kilotoni, lasciando quelle al neutrone da 10 Kt.
    Che comunque esplodendo proprio in mezzo a piazza
    San Pietro causerebbero distruzioni localizzate nei
    quartieri Prati, Gianicolo, Trastevere, centro storico,
    Monte Verde (ossia “il cuore di Roma”).

    Sembra che Papa Giovanni XXIII abbia fatto costruire
    un plastico che mostrerebbe le distruzioni causate da
    questa esplosione, e che uno simile sia stato ricreato
    per il film “L’UDIENZA” di MARCO FERRERI, con
    protagonista il medico-cantante ENZO JANNACCI.

    Giancarlo Rossi

  10. I am absolutely stunned by this! I knew Bergoglio was going to make some very destructive moves within the Church this year but this I did not see coming.

    1. He has not yet done anything, but he has linguistically and financially prepared the way for it.

  11. The freedom of the papacy and the Catholic Church is at
    stake. Cardinals in the Vatican if they have any influence at
    all need to stop the Usurper from harming the Church in this

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