16 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo and AJ Baalman: Is “MAGA” Witch Craft?”

  1. This video is a gem of information connecting the dots and exposing the minions of the war of satan versus GOD.

    Following this video, the recollection of trump and the last republican national convention held at the white house has presently now raised the question and the comtemplation by us of what was the reality of the motivation of having the AVE MARIA sung there. At the time is was sung, it seemed to us to be such a beautiful voice that sung it and such a welcome honor toward our BLESSED MOTHER, so we thought. NOW we are not so sure what this was really about.

    Also, in looking back at trump’s so called loss to so called catholic biden, it also occurs to us that Vigano and his opus dei handlers were campaigning for trump in certain various ways.

    What do you think about the above, A.J. and Brother Bugnolo?

    1. I do think Vigano is a freemason, because he faults Holy Mother Church, which is the exact ideological position of the US ideological warfare program against the Church, to make Her look bad. A true cleric never does this.

      1. Incredible. Just proves how we greatly need discernment. We must pray and seek truth in all things. Thank you for this site. I’m seeing things more clearly. Bless you.

  2. There are over a million self proclaimed witches in America as of a count several years ago. Since the preaching of the post V2 catholic church adhered to naturalism as opposed to super naturalism as her infiltrated teaching, the mention even of the devil was laughed at. No Hell…No Angel’s etc. Exorcism was dropped as a step to priesthood bc , they decided at V2 it wasnt needed anymore. Out went the Old LatinMass and in came the NOrdo. Clown Masses consecrating Coca cola and cookies. One last word: BRING BACK THE OLD MASS NO MATTER WHAT.

    1. Most N.O. force sacrilege to receive holy communion. Because they force the reception on the hand. And to receive on the hand is to consent that particles may fall on the floor to be later trampled and sweep to the garbage, which is sacrilege. What to do? Do we have to tell the priests of what they do? Or do we have to be quiet due to the dignity of their position? When I was confronted with a priest I felt I couldn’t answer to him. Maybe we just need to pray and do penance?

      1. Stand there until he gives you the Sacrament in the mouth, dont move, explain yourself and keep yor hands folded. He cannot deny the Sacrament.

  3. How can we believe someone named BAAL-man (the man of Baal, and we know what God thinks about Baal)? That this man did not change his name is beyond me.

  4. I think until we confront the reality of the reformation head on we will get no where. It is akin to ignoring the Muslims. How fast England and Germany ransacked the churches, the altars and gained complete control of Europe and the church (about 3 years) shouldn’t make one surprised about how easy it was to pull of the cult of Covid.

  5. Thoughts that came to mind listening.
    1. Hungarians use the word “maga” for the respect pronoun and tge reflexsive pronoun “itself”. Are they invoking demons?
    2. If Donald Trump (crypto marxist?)runs again (assuming there will be another election) versus flamboyant Marxist x, will you vote, assuming you vote at all, for him?
    3. Should we vote?
    4. Can we invest our energy in a republic at all at this point?

    1. Trump is not hungarian, neither is his wife.

      No one should vote for Trump, they should vote a Christian party and found them.

      You should vote.

      Don’t invest your energy in a masonic globalist system, but remake the system in liberty and Christian faith.

  6. Trump was the lesser evil both times he ran. He is full of himself just like most politicians are but that’s the hand Americans were dealt at the polls. If you vote for some off party it’s just a throw away vote because the race that counts is always between the two dominate parties. Biden is a nightmare at every turn manipulated by the cabal-his puppeteers, so we certainly do not want him back. My prayer is that the Republican Party will find a powerful anointed Christian leader with widespread appeal to run and win the Whitehouse. Maybe if more prayed for that it would happen.

  7. A.J.! Wonderful work! Thank you. I have been thinking these things for some time. I listened to both parts 2x’s and going back again. (I was a big “Trumper” from California until Dec 2020)Not many will speak about this. No one is accusing him of anything but some things don’t add up and many things have come to the surface like so much has this past 24 mom… discernment is important. You are very brave and wise to look into these things. I have looked up the things you reference. Did you mention the Simpson’s TV prediction?…It came out of your research as I was going through the sites. Someone must be whispering to them as they have predicted several things over the years. This episode had Trump as president 2024-2030. years are familiar right? I think of the beast’s deadly wound and coming to life (satan’s Jesus) …losing election and making a comeback?? Just a thought. My one fear is being deceived…. best to be diligent…as “even the elect” Jesus says may be fooled. He is, from what I have read, a Skull & Bones member in NY?? No matter, I am throwing away anything maga in my house…no refering to witches here. Brother Bugnolo, I have loved you since I first saw you as you walked the Streets of Rome one evening 2020? shouting from the wilderness your warning to the world regarding the times we are in. I thought you were so brave then and still feel the same. PLEASE keep going. You are a comfort. You have been reposted many times on Brighteon.com Great site and growing. Love your site and glad you are independent. Blessings to you both from the Central Coast …sorry such a long post!

  8. Very interesting video. I’ve supected something nefarious about the surprise election of ‘Donal’ in 2020 (watch the occult Kevin Spacy movie Nine Lives). And beating Hilary Clinton who was practically declared the winner (even Trump voters couldn’t believe him pulling off a win out nowhere at the end like that (like magic)

    “Brilliant Scientist Eric Dollard said in 2014 “And then another one is Common Wheel, a Neo-Pagan organization trying to bring a goddess demon into a controlled entity onto the earth – and they’re a spin off to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative.””

    I wouldn’t write Eric off as a nut. He has been around the block a few times

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