One thought on “Head of Ukrainian Intelligence: A coup d’etat in Russia is underway”

  1. Right!
    As though the Fraud/Cheat 2020 U.S. Election installing the UNELECTED, senile, treasonous Pedophile into the Oval Office wasn’t a coupe d’Etat?
    Were Trump in office, this would NOT be happening and China, North Korea and Iran as the darkness and evil of the world wouldn’t be preparing for their Empiricist Nightmares to visit upon the globe.

    The whole west with the U.S. has been intentionally undermined with ALL THE ILLEGAL INSURGENTS WITH POPULATIONS that don’t culturally belong…
    And now, all is being FINANCIALLY BROKEN as the USSR was BROKEN by their competition against Reagan’s ‘Star Wars Initiative’ in cooperation with Gorbachev’s Glastnost and Pererstroika Movements occuring at the same time as Pope John Paul II’s work with Poland’s Lech Walesa’s ‘Solidarity’ Movement bringing an END to the Iron Curtain and Cold War.

    Financially BREAKING the west and U.S. while gutting their Military ISN’T THE ANSWER. ‘Freedom-Loving’ people everywhere WILL NEVER TOLERATE the SLAVERY AND GENOCIDAL CCP Philosophies prefered by ‘The WEF/CCP Cabal/Mafia’ to reign.

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