5 thoughts on “True Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus”

  1. Brother ,
    awesome video!! every other catholic on youtube and elsewhere( you know Ann etc) are just congratulating themselves and celebrating the Roe vs . Wade decision. yet you recognise what is really going on here. i love how you criticised catholic inaction over abortion. so why would God reward us with a miraculous reversal of Roe. This is how the enemy works. and i can tell you clearly are aware of this . i am going to be a member next week of ordo militaris. you and AJ rock!!!

  2. oh sorry i just saw your post on it. i guess im one of the few who thinks we are being set up. maybe im being paranoid. it just looks like a set up for antichrist trump to come save the day on his white horse.

  3. The Supreme Court decision is just a step in the right path. It only applies to the USA. The rest of the world with very few exceptions still allow abortion on demand. For the USA we still have to continue to pray that each state or territory outlaws abortion on demand. So here comes Brother Bugnolo’s reminder that we need to become more active in this endeavor to actually play an active role in stopping ALL abortion on demand. In other words we cannot stop here and ASSuME that the war on abortion is over. This was just a battle won, but the war is still on.

    On the subject of charity works, I agree with Brother, if we are just getting accolades from humans for whatever we are doing, then our reward is here on earth and not from God, because Our Lord Jesus said in paraphrasing: ….it is better to get a reward from God when no one is aware of your deed, than to get the reward here on earth because everyone knows what you did.

    So keep praying for an end to abortions on demand. Keep praying for those that are actively helping others or do it yourself if you can.


  4. On the subject of the war in the Ukraine, I cannot find any justification for the Russian Federation invasion of the Ukraine. Even if that was so, the military actions of 🇷🇺 Russia do not justify the disregard for the Geneva Conventions of War and of recognized International Law of War.

    The indiscriminate attacks on civilian targets, specially without warning is a violation of the Law of War. Imagine the outcry if this was a war involving the USA and we committed the same bombings of civilian targets on a routine basis. Those that think that Russia 🇷🇺 is on the “just” side of this war are in my opinion wrong. At this time the Ukrainians are defending their country. Regardless of the so call eastern Ukrainian areas that seem to want to become independent, there is no verifiable evidence that it is the will of the majority of the people of those areas to become either independent or to become a part of the Russian Federation. In any case, it is under recognized world law that their fate should be resolved by referendum just like previous colonies in the world resolved their political statuses.

    From us westerners point of view, if we cannot be physically involved, then help someone that is willing to help those in dire need. Do this for the good you can bring and not for the accolades or “likes” you might get.

  5. Thank you so much for being faithful to God, not man. I just found this website yesterday…..the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi .
    I saw you on the Dr. Jane Ruby show. I saw your few videos over a year ago about the reality of what we are facing. Jesus warned me in Feb of 2021 not to take the MRNA. He said it was going to be a slaughter of those with BAD WILL because of their love of abortion. He said those who oppose abortion and grieve for the pain and suffering of the unborn will be warned not to take it.

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