USA: Center for Disease Control Official admits Social Distancing Rules were invented

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9 thoughts on “USA: Center for Disease Control Official admits Social Distancing Rules were invented”

  1. Some time ago I wrote you, I believe, that Deborah Birx admits this in her book: Fauci and I invented the virusrules.

    And: I lied to President Trump.

    Who then is/are the real inventor(s)??

    And: how easy, how couregeous is it to ‘admit’ something after the planned damage is done?

  2. Just another ‘FALSE FLAG’ to manipulate the world into terror to begin the ‘Final Phase’ to TAKE DOWN the United States and the whole world…To perpetrate the WESTERN BUILT CCP Totalitarian Technocracy Neo-Feudalism chosen by the Corporatist/Banker Mafia/Cabalists onto the whole globe. One of thousands of ‘False Flags’ planned, implemented, finished with follow-through to cover-up by the Mafia/Cabalists with their Freemason/Illuminati Demonically Possessed to remove all of God, light and FREEDOM while the most evil Criminal ‘Power Addicts’ TAKE OVER to ENSLAVE what they see as their ‘Human Herd’. Indeed, the Blessed Virgin Apparitions across the world were prophetic and we are watching the evil grasp all even as we pray.

    1. the fallen ones indeed would love to remove (all of) God, of Light, Joy, Freedom, Peace, Love: but they won’t be able to get their
      diabolic way: simply because GOD is INVINCIBLE and the fallen ones know that and that they have but a short time.
      Noone can stay God’s Hand………

      What was written here breathes no fighting spirit, it breathes discouragement,

      Please stand up: the earth is the Lord’s and the Kingdom thereof.

  3. This needs to happen so that the people USA will realize it with a sound mind:

    They have been lied to, killed over and over, and left at the hands of Communists.

    Fauci’s role is over and he is afraid of being killed behind his back.

  4. See Robert (Bob) Glass at for the 2006 school science project he helped his daughter produce with a simple infection model.

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