6 thoughts on “Bergoglian Vatican alters Litany of Loreto with Marxist Invocation”

  1. can Bergoglio do that? come on, what a piece of trash Bergoglio and all who follow him & defend him, to desecrate a litany of ancient origins and also I believe is a Miraculous Litany due numerous Saints reciting it and being transported to the Holy House & then finding their vocation.

  2. “Make a mess,” he said. . . .
    “I’m not afraid of schism,” he said.
    if people adopt this, he may go for a stronger Liberation Theology statement with something like , “Mother of reformers,” or even “revolutionaries”. Nothing is sacred to Bergoglio.
    He tried this before by rewording the Our Father. (It didn’t take.)

    1. Alas, many Catholics are saying the wrong Our Father now in Italy. I have to correct them constantly.

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