Christ’s Vicar visits: The joy gifted to the Poor of the Congo, by recent Election at Rome

Editor’s note: There are those who say that numbers proves the works of the Holy Spirit. But there are others which say, numbers only prove their own opinion, while they claim to propose the first adage. For some the few numbers at the Election of Pope Francis means it is not of God, but for myself and Catholics, the few numbers on Calvary do not prove it was not a work of God, but that God was alone at work there. The numbers at the Papal mass this morning in Congo are a cause of joy for me, for these people having suffered so much are the very first to celebrate a papal Mass with the true Pope. And they deserved it. And this was the gift we Catholics of Rome gave them by a juridically valid election by apostolic right. It is also the gift of all of you who helped me in that holy work. We have given a great gift to a great number of poor people and have this day merited a great merit from God Himself, who cannot be outdone in generosity.

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