One thought on “ITALY: Prosecutors want to indict US Envoy for Assassination of PM Aldo Moro”

  1. Yet another ‘False Flag’ Psy-Op of NATO’s Nazis working behind the scenes for the Central Banker Family Cartel supporting and financing all with the Opium money from the CIA among other Black Market ILLEGAL means of financing. How is it that nobody is putting the pieces of the puzzle together in realizing the Communists and Fascists ARE THE SAME EXTREMIST THING ORIGINATING OUT OF ‘The Fabian Society’ at Oxford in the U.K. and Marx was simply a puppet paid to write the Manifesto as he lived in England and hobnobbed among the wealthy and powerful while not having a lot of money of his own to support a family; or that both types of extremism MIRROR MONARCHY/DICTATORSHIPS/TOTALITARIANISM/
    AUTHORITARIANISM? Simply am not cognizant to how this is so easily missed.

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