FRANCE: Muslim Interior Minister to ban Catholic Political Party for wanting to restore the Catholic Order

Editor’s Note: The Rothschild Puppet’s (Emmanuel Macron) Algerian Minister of the Interior — who intentionally promoted the recent Islamic insurrection in France — decision to ban Civitas, the Catholic political party, which supported the Morrocan Jew, Zemmour, for President of Francis, is motivated by his judgement that this party is “anti-semitic” and can no longer be tolerated in France. — Lies upon lies, as is obvious.

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2 thoughts on “FRANCE: Muslim Interior Minister to ban Catholic Political Party for wanting to restore the Catholic Order”

  1. All that small groups (because they are small and not influent) are banned one by one (even if they were very few). They are watched by an army of cops especially hired for that. They also cut subsidies and journalistic approvement for a newspaper read by.. 3500 readers. A great threat as you understand. One of the heads of civitas had already be condemned. She was a young teacher and she simply participated in a protest where she carried a sign with those words “WHO?” (“Qui”? in french) + naming persons coupable of certain things. Just for that word “WHO” she was forbidden to teach anymore! Society + revenue cut! Because “who?” had an undermeaning..
    That is the point where we are in France. But of course no one spoke about that affair in the mainstream relays.. or just to condemn more. Now concerning civitas, it’s just because one sentence pronounced by Pierre Hilard, one of the first theorists and specialist of globalism in french language. He did a sum of work to inform on societies, persons etc, 20 years ago. He was also pioneer, with a small sovereignist party, in doing internet videos to inform. That is why civitas is attacked.
    This is the extend of ban where we are in France (fyi “rumble” is closed in France, who is next?), in the name of democracy, pluralism, fight against fake news and republic values of course. The aim of this is of course to discourage any opponent of taking the smallest initiative. It works. Even a lonely marginal in the lanscape will be tracked.
    Meanwhile, extreme leftist and violent groups grow and grow. Kind of stupid millenarist and planetologists.. useful idiots for Mc’Ron. Like “les soulèvements de la terre”. And the worse is that their core fight is not so undue. But of course the government applies what works: divide to reign. At the same time a small catholic and discreet “scout” group is banned, and a large millenarist violent group is finally allowed. Then it will be sure that they will not be any alliance between both. Because this would be the real threat for the power.
    I believe that acceleration of this track is because of the olympics next year. It will be the start for implanting the global surveillance in France, in full and with no reverse. To comply with the 2o3o agenda.

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