Vatican & Italy agree to move Bambino Gesu Hospital HQ to ex-Forlini Hospital in SW Rome

Editor’s Note: The Bambino Gesu Hospital, one of the major Catholic institutions of Rome run by the Vatican, which brings in huge profits due to its reception of funds for medical care from the Italian Republic has agreed to move to the former Forlini Hospital site in SW Rome. — One wonders why the Italian Republic, which pushed the DeathVaxx even to children, would want a Children’s Hospital adjacent to their national center for infectious disease research, just a block away. — For my part, I would strongly urge all parents in the City of Rome to NOT take their children to the new Bambino Gesu Hospital, for any hospital which was complicit in the Scamdemic Genocide has no medical ethics at all. — The Hospital ‘Bambino Gesu’ is named after the Child Jesus, was founded in 1869. You can read more about it here.

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