VATICAN: 3x DeathVaxxed Pope Francis is not just a little sick …



And yes, it looks like Pope Francis may have cancer, having been triply DeathVaxxed. The CT Scan is the tell-all:

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5 thoughts on “VATICAN: 3x DeathVaxxed Pope Francis is not just a little sick …”

  1. The vaxx problems have hit my family with cysts running up and down right hand and arm of a 60 yr old relative who took the vaxx. Outpatient surgery soon to remove and biopsy.

    1. We have had so many bizarre health things happen in my family. And they’re all young. Age 22 to 50. Cancer. Blood clots. Cysts. Sponatenous bleeding with no origin found.

      An as yet, still, undiagnosible tumor in a leg artery. The “best” Drs in the country have extensively evaluated this family member and are still scratching their heads. It’s not cancer. And it’s not a blood clot. No treatment has had any effect at all. And the tumor is still growing and is now the size of a “donut”.

      Please pray for all affected by this evil assault.

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