5 thoughts on “Dr. Jay Bhattacharya: The reality of COVID-19’s threat”

  1. A summary of the interview: There is a lot of disagreement about the lethality BECAUSE a serological study of antibodies for COVID-19 in a large body of the populace as a whole (and not JUST those who test positive or are tested for likely exposure to and/or symptoms of) HAS YET TO BE DONE. We only now have available to us the kind of testing that allows for such a study to be conducted on a large scale.

    PCR tests vs antibody test which has only become available in the last week or so gives us the necessary data with which to make policy decisions. It’s similar to polling BUT it is politically neutral.

    JAMA reported that once antibodies are present in the blood, one is immune from COVID-19. This study was comprised of five people whose symptoms lessened when injected with antibodies from a previously infected but healthy subject. (This is promising but not proof.)

    Considering the inevitable global recession due to the policy of universal quarantine AND that the rise in global GDP has lifted world-wide populations out of poverty, the bottom-line discussion is NOT economy vs lives it is LIVES vs lives. The inevitable rise in depression, opioid use, crime and societal break-down is a causal factor in death when GDP plummets especially in first-world countries.

    So the obligation to get it right based on the uncertainty of the data that is being used to make policy decisions needs to be made known. The 21st century approach would involve systematically putting in place a surveillance structure that measures blood work (that people have agreed to have taken from them) for testing that looks for–SURVEILS–viral antibodies as well as unusual or novel viral RNAs in a variety of global populations in order to be on top of future contagions and their likely spread.

    As long as our health care systems do not get overwhelmed–because they will be whelmed–a country will survive this invisible enemy. “The good ideas will come from everywhere not just from the USA–Dr. Jay Bhattacharya.”

  2. BUT no mention of simple immunity building measures to combat this threat regardless of whether the threat is big or small. That discussion should have the priority as Dr. Sheva has done.

  3. I-is-I–

    Dr. B. and his interviewer should hire you as their editor. You said in 5 minutes what took them half an hour. Thx for precise summary.

    Part of the infowars is brevity. And clarity.

    A variant on their warning of “a surveillance structure” is same used to enforce vaccination (cum sterilization). See Barnhardt today.

    Bro. B

  4. N. B. I’d only add that antibody testing should commence (over two So-Cal counties including Los Angeles) in 2-4 weeks with arrival of test kits; and Dr. B’s noting that testing is contingent on funding–which may or may not be in the C-funding relief bill.

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