Spain: Supreme Court rules Scamdemic Lockdowns Unconstitutional

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2 thoughts on “Spain: Supreme Court rules Scamdemic Lockdowns Unconstitutional”

    1. I just have seen a video, all these politicians are Freemasons and Freemason hierarchy leads to Satanism., whichcraft and blood sacrifice. All the actors and singers and businessmen as well. You can tell coz they do the single eye symbol and han in jacket and they have a secret hand shake but it looks more like a grip handshake. There is even a picture of the pope doing the hand in jacket symbol. They are all Freemasons and believe there is no sin and lusifer is the way. They think of us as “vulgar” and stupid and disposable. But most of all they hate Jesus. Not Buddha, or Mohamed or any other messenger. Jesus is a thorn in their eye.

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