Truth 1.0: A Warning from Rome

This is Brother Bugnolo’s famous video, shot in November 2020, which when viral world wide, under the name “A priest from Rome warns” or , “A warning from Rome”.

Many ask for this video which was erased from Youtube by Youtube after it hit 24k visualizations. It was copied to other channels and received more than 500k views. — The original Title for the Video is “Truth”, and Brother Bugnolo published a sequel, Truth 2.0: A Warning From Rome.

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6 thoughts on “Truth 1.0: A Warning from Rome”

  1. Powerful & truthful video. Brother B , this reminds me of Diogenes. Thank you for imparting your wisdom & insights to your readers.

  2. Can we look to Greece to lead the way..?
    I think they are having very large anti-Vaxx demonstrations….at some point will the police or the military change sides, and join the demonstrators ?…..Could France be next..?
    What is happening in Cuba is happening at just the right time…
    Am posting from the U.S. … But will it be the smaller nations who show the way…?
    Please GOD….!!

    1. Please keep me informed of protests in Greece if you have any knowledge or information about them. God willing, let the Greeks Rise! — so much for the hopes they placed in their “right wing” government.

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