Central Europe hit by devastaing floods, more than 180 killed

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11 thoughts on “Central Europe hit by devastaing floods, more than 180 killed”

  1. Br Alexis, I remember You posted something on a late Benedictine named Dom Casel ( who once lived in a region of Germany that was recently hit with destructive floods)—and how this man’s ideas on the Sacred Liturgy influenced Vatican II—I was also reading on the Eucharistic ideas of the late Fr Pierre Teilhard de Chardin ( are his ideas going to become the Eucharistic beliefs of the Universal religion?) and I instantly saw a Pachamama connection ( her boat was carried into St Peter’s basilica)—and recently a picture showing the Eucharist was placed in the belly of a Pachamama idol ( instead of a monstrance)—Is this all the future? All the terrible birth pangs of the great ” reset”—remodeling civilizations, the earth’s ecosystems, industries , and beliefs?

    1. They do not want worship of Pachamama, that is only to prepare for the worship of the Antichrist and Satan.

      1. Fr Pierre’s “Mass on the world” ( in 1923 in the Ordos desert [west of Peking and near Inner Mongolia]) sounds exactly like a rehearsal of the liturgy of the Antichrist ( I wish the viewers would read it)

  2. Brother, what is the likelihood of anyone of import standing up to Bergoglio and stating the truth, that Pius V made it impossible for anyone to try to abrogate the Holy Mass of the Ages, and that Bergoglio has no right to do it at all. He has not the authority because NO ONE has the authority. The Bull promulgated by Pius V states this. And that, should anyone dare to try to do so, they “would incur the wrath of Almighty God as well as that of St. Peter and St. Paul”, I believe. Bergoglio does not believe in such warnings however, and he has recently stared death in the face with his serious illness. Like Rasputin he has shown he is difficult to knock down, but he clearly fears no God.
    Is this a hope at all, or has he won this round.

    1. Less than the possibility that they recognize that he is not even the pope. You have to understand that Bergoglio was wanted by the Cardinals and the Bishops, because he is spear heading the transformation of the Catholic Faith into the make believe theatre show of sodomites and pedophiles. They are sick and tired of the Church of Pius XII and Benedict XVI which kicked them out of the priesthood en mass.

  3. I saw online this Episcopal priest ( woman), who is sponsored by Novus Ordo monks, practice this “Mass of the world” ( composed by Fr Teilhard) and basically any human being can do it ( she says)—It’s being practiced now—and I don’t know if it was a shrine or monastery, but a “Teilhardian” altar itself was made ( a table structure of some sort surrounding the earth/globe) and one can see this on the Internet—-this is disturbing to say the least—and she basically stated that this Eucharist is much better than the Mass —and that Fr Teilhard understood better what Eucharist meant more than anyone

  4. See blog a “Negative space Eucharist ” on Teilhard’s “Mass on the world”( northeastwisdom.com )

  5. Reading on the “Negative space Eucharist ” gave me a sense of the Eucharist of the future–where all can celebrate–and where the only requirement was ” to be a member of the human race”—-And then continuing reading ( northeastwisdom.org) on “centering prayer” , awareness , and “consciousness ” ( and such other high sounding bunkum)–I think on how this stuff is probably being taught now ( and probably has been) at Catholic retreat centers ( and non-Catholic people are brought in as specialist teachers)—Basically, why does one have to “tap into” God, when one’s awareness of God comes through prayer ( like praying a rosary?)

    1. I’ve actually seen “centering prayer” group in a Church activities section of the Sunday bulletin at a local Catholic Church here in Florida. I was a new convert at the time but I knew from reading the Catechism, along with another book a conservative Catholic stranger came to my front door and handed me in an envelope, something was seriously wrong.

      I don’t think Catholics are following the Catechism. Over and over I run into situations where they’re flat out ignoring it as written. If they don’t believe in the Bible as written or the Catechism as written they’re no different from protestants. Here the people worship individual priests, they have cult-like devotion. Also reminds me of protestants. No matter what they do they will support a popular priest who’s entertaining. The Churches here are glorified country clubs.

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