10 thoughts on “Alex Jones at his finest … condemns the Great Reset”

  1. It’s about time. Should have been said a long time ago. Everybody top toe-ing around on egg shells trying not to offend a bunch of insane lunatics. Enough is enough.

  2. Not offended you have to live under a rock to be, because those words are used everywhere, most of the times inappropriately. However when evil such as this goes on in the world, those demonic creatures who are responsible deserve a lot more descriptive language. They deserve to burn for their horrific crimes and burn they will in everlasting fire.

    1. OH Dear Alex,I think you are expressing the thoughts of many.These guys have the world under siege.Today we celebrate the end of World war 2 in the Pacific but as we are all under siege, no-one can remember! The only thing they hear is Covid and Vaccine for the past 8 months. Help! We need some help!

    1. Joan – Thanks for the news tip. What are you referring to, “it beings.” Made me recall the following…

      Catholic author David Dionisi wrote, “The message of the Blessed Virgin warns us of a time when earthquakes will turn abominations into shattered pieces of rock. The time is approaching when the Washington Monument will be destroyed just as the abominations [obelisks] were destroyed in Axum, Ethiopia.” — “Defeating the Brotherhood of Death.” David Dionisi. Page 158.

      The shocking hideous (masonic) Polmodoro Spheres of erosion and destruction:

      Dionisi also writes that in his opinion, the “abomination of desolation” are the numerous and hideous Sphere-Within-A-Sphere sculptures by Italian sculptor Arnoldo Pomodoro. These spheres are located all over the world, at the United Nations, the Vatican, U.C. Berkeley, Trinity College Dublin, Hershorn Museum Wash. D.C., the DeYoung Museum San Francisco, and Teran, Iran.
      Video 8 minutes of the spheres: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbm1oVp8pF0

      Pomodoro also designed the hideous cross inside the church dedicated to Padre Pio.

      “erosion and destruction” quote by Pomodor himself:

  3. You’re a con man and scam artist , Alex Jones and pretend to reveal the New World Order for 27 years and why your followers are on the FBI list, because if you told them who their enemies were, they would not have had to go to Washington for a yellow two faced NWo Order shill. And the news you pretend to reveal, you get from others who say you steal their news and give them no credit. You should be in prison with the followers who listened to you propaganda , but you’re to yellow to go to Washington, D.C. and defend them and after 27 years finally tell the world , who is the New World Order. Because they need you to reveal their plans.

    1. Thank you. He was recently outed as a Freemason.Or maybe this is old news. Pray for him.

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