Bergoglio has commanded Ecclesiastical Superiors in Italy to enforce the DeathVaxx

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It does make a difference who is pope. Not only in eternity but regarding your way to eternity.

And as the latest proof of this, I will reveal, that I am receiving phone calls from distressed Catholic clergy and religious who are being commanded under obedience to take the DeathVaxx.

The orders are coming from Bergoglio in the Vatican.

Meanwhile, my sources in the Vatican say that Bergoglio’s health is declining rapidly. His temper fits are growing in violence. He he driving out of his presence all who want to help him in his final illness — the incurable degenerative condition of his colon.

It is obvious, that this man senses his end is near and by this command to impose the DeathVaxx on all clergy and religious in Italy, that he is trying to take as many to Hell with himself as he can.

Yes, Charlotte, it does make a difference which is the true pope AND which you regard as the Pope!

It also makes a difference which sources of information you listen to, those who insist Bergoglio is the Pope or those which tell you the truth, that Benedict XVI is the pope.

Those who have been insisting that Bergoglio is the Pope are now co-conspirators in the murder of Hundreds of millions of Catholics, for they have given power to the beast….

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15 thoughts on “Bergoglio has commanded Ecclesiastical Superiors in Italy to enforce the DeathVaxx”

  1. I know of a man that had a degenerative colon he lived 30 years with the condition 65 to 95 years. I hope your right about it being soon… but I also fear the falsely elect an even worse anti pope with plenty of years left in him to finish the job.

  2. That photo of anti-pope Bergoglio is utterly hideous, a true reflection of the inner state of his ugly soul… They say that members of certain secret societies have to undergo some kind of initiation ritual where one of their eyes ends up like that (remember GW Bush in the early 2000’s and his supposed fainting after eating a pretzel, if I remember the purported excuse correctly?)…

    1. Yep Renato, I have researched it as well…it’s diabolical beyond the imagination. After looking at that photo of Bergoglio I don’t want to believe that’s what the black eye is all about, but also at the same time tell myself I’m in denial about it. Lord God have mercy on us if this man is a Satanist, even though he’s not really the Pope, he’s running the Church into HELL.

  3. Dear Brother Bugnolo

    It is sad to hear that the priests who have made sacrifices most of their lives with their vocation and faith, and who hopefully have provided pastoral care to their congregations, are to be forced to take this poison vax, because of an imposter. Why should they obey this when it is wrong? Would God want them to do this? Who is the higher authority, Bergoglio or God the Creator?

    Are the globalists (internationalists) Nephilim? The Nephilim are found in the KJ Bible and other Bibles. Nimrod was part human and part Fallen Angel. Or was that Gilgamesh? Gilgamesh looked for ways to have eternal life, but because he was part human he knew he would die. These globalists are on the same trajectory, they are looking for eternal life for them selves artificially, because they believe they are ‘gods’. It has often crossed my mind, why we have in Europe a Court for Human Rights? Surely that must mean some are not fully human who also live on planet Earth, because if we are all human a court for humans would be self evident and not needed to be emphasized. The actions of these globalists show a trait becoming more apparent every day that they are psychopaths. Yes the life is in the blood. I too have heard about adrenochrome, it seems that there was a Count Dracula, which Bram Stoker based his character upon.

    1. Nimrod was a human being. Angels and men cannot interbreed, since they are different species and one does not even have a body….

  4. Having a 6 mo bout with what has been nicknamed long hauler aftereffects of Covid, I think that the antibiotics given can cause intestinal flora to get all out of whack. This causes digestive tract to react to ordinary food and drinks with an angry gut and acid reflux situation. I searched for a solution for 4 monrhs for relief,as did the Drs I went to during this tine. to no avail . Finally, reading that gastric reflux disease causes shortness of breath, I went to a health food store and bought Digestive Enzymes. This was an amazing cure. Slept all night ever since, and breathing 90% better in 1 day .

    1. Yes, antibiotics can be very dangerous, must be used in moderation or the body builds up an immunity to them. This happened to my mother. Eventually one night in the ER I requested an infectious disease specialist. Not that visit but the next they did call one in, the head of the department for the entire county hospital system. We spent the next three years directly under his care. Prebiotics-probiotics can be quite helpful. There is a drink called kefir that they recommend, it’s like a yogurt drink. This is a very tricky situation because lactose intolerance can become an issue. The doctor used two very powerful drugs on my mom, but these would have to be prescribed and are difficult to manage due to side effects. There is a condition called c-diff. It is your worst nightmare on steroids. This is what happens when all antibiotics stop working. Believe me you don’t want to go there. I hope you continue to improve, just knowing the problem is antibiotics is most of the battle. Avoid them like the plague and you should be fine.

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