Aborigenes cry to World for Help, Australian Govt. plans to genocide them



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5 thoughts on “Aborigenes cry to World for Help, Australian Govt. plans to genocide them”

  1. if the government targets a whole community of like minded sensible people, the people still cant do much.

    so it seems its best option is to escape/disperse while the going is still good.

  2. God in heaven, what can we do? We must pray, but what if everyone called the Australian Embassies and asked them why they are harming the Aboriginal people?? What if we all went to search engines and trended “Australian aboriginal people quarantine camps”? Doesn’t that create a trend so that the media would pick it up? What about Native American tribal associations. Maybe they would be very interested in what is happening to the Aboriginal people of Australia? The elites are after their rare earths and minerals.
    What can we do!

    1. The leader is correct. It’s a massive land grab and v@xing them with the bioweapon will kill them all. Like everyone else who has been jabbed, they will be sterilized or die from side effects over the next few years. They are ground zero for testing to see how humans react when forced v@xing and camps are done globally.

  3. Good that, at least, they frealize to be in danger. The fact is that most of our neighbours, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and even some of our dearest ones are DUMB LIKE CARSIC (KARSISCH) STONES!

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