1. I’m guessing Sister is speaking in Portuguese. Her habit, though, is that of a congregation w/ Argentinian roots which has, as well, a clerical counterpart. It will be very interesting to observe what fallout may follow upon this broadcast, particularly from those two communities.

  2. good morning br.

    saw this synoptic testimony of wisdom – one can see , amongst the normality of cornflakes and toast and jam the clear signs of history repeating itself, hidden in plain sight , just around the corner in the next soggy mouthful of cornflakes.

    The human psyche, as one survivor said commenting on a repetition of history , ‘can be made to do almost anything’.

    the precursory ‘test’ of ‘local’ fascism in the 30’s and 40’s to global ‘reset’ fascism in the same compartmentalised psycho-pathology and twisted perverse phenom

    truly a fallen people

    Austrian Holocaust Survivors Speak- Remembering Kristallnacht



    also Br, we can see from England the new phenomenon of football players and individuals in the crowd having cardiac events that dramatically stop matches live on telly. this is even catching the attention of those who are / were asleep , it is difficult to hide this spontaneity and is an editorial nightmare.
    May God bless those poor souls

    one finds it interesting to see the psychological cognitive dissonance, were truth is perceived, perhaps only in a fleeting moment only to be replaced to a ‘run’ to a psycho logical harbour of continuity, ‘normality’ , cornflakes, jam and toast.

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