The Great Die-Off can no longer be denied. Massive Deaths in next few months…

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

When the flue season comes, the chaos will begin. Thus I titled my video warning the world back in mid June of 2021.  There have been many who have scoffed at my warning, but now we can weep in sorrow at the truth.

There has been a 65% increase in the deaths of middle-aged Americans, since the DeathVaxx roll out, according to CDC data.

Click the image above for the full report.

But let’s reflect on this news.

Last month, a CEO of a leading life-insurance company said they were seeing a 40% increase in mortality in the 3rd quarter.

But to have a 65% increase over all, would mean that the 4th quarter was dramatically worse.

Let’s assume in the 1st Q the CEO saw no appreciable increase, say 5%.  In the second 10%, and in the third 40%. To arrive at 65% for the whole year, the death rate must have increased by 205%.

That is apocalyptic.

Even more so when one considers the growth rate of the death rate between the 3rd Q and the 4th Q, which was 500%.   That is an extinction rate event.

If that rate increases, the death rate for the 1st Q of 2022 should be AT LEAST 1000%, and may be even higher!

The scoffers keep asking where are the dead bodies.

Perhaps by Easter you will see them. Surely by summer, even on the sidewalks, beaches, bars and gas stations.

I hope not. But with the causes of the death known now with certitude and the rate of death manifesting, the Great Die-off is more certain than ever.

And this is just for the USA.

Pray and brace yourselves. 2022 will be a year of great lamentation.

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25 thoughts on “The Great Die-Off can no longer be denied. Massive Deaths in next few months…”

  1. When I worked in DC around the corner from the White house I used to call it the “running of the bulls”. Every workday, especially Monday about 10:45 the ambulances with their sirens blaring would zip down H street to pick up probably heart attacks, etc. Lately my quiet neighborhood has begun to sound the same daily.

    1. Same on abroad. I often visited Puerto de la Cruz C.I., I can’t recall that I saw any ambulance there during many years. But this year I saw 1-2 , every day during my short trips in the city centre. Also many elderly disappeared, a knew a lot, same faces in the apartments-hotel complex year after year but this year 2/3 were missing. These people regularly spent the winter time there, many owned or rented apartments there. Mostly Germans.

    2. Same here in Florida. I don’t recall this many ambulances and sirens ever. If I drive out of the neighborhood, the chance is that there will be ambulance passing by somewhere along my route.

  2. I hope you’re dead wrong!!!

    This is a bold call and if it turns out to be wrong you’ll lose all your credibility. But if you’re right I’ll buy my hazmat suit. 🦠

  3. Brother Bugnolo predicted this several months ago. I had my doubts, not because I questioned his knowledge or sincerity, but because I suspected that the evil architects of the vaccine scam would pass off placebos and flu shots but called “covid vaccines” at first to prove that their “vaccines” are safe. But then so many athletes started dying and a 13-year-old boy died of cardiac arrest. Now, I pray a rosary every day for my vaccinated loved ones and for an end to the deceitful war that the evil men and women of this world are waging against us.

  4. He could be wrong but insurance companies are never wrong. The oddest thing about it unless you read the gospel is how blind One America was in attribution, they are never wrong about that either as no one has better stats than insurers and underwriters so they know chances of any and all cause mortality and would clearly spot an anomaly… until now. The veil is dark.

  5. I know four people under 50 who have dropped dead since July. Two were in my extended family. One was only 25 years old. Nobody asks a single question about it, either.

  6. Does it look as if more men are dying from the vaccine than women? Is there data supporting that because it seems to be the case. It’s concerning that it’s an age range where men are at their strongest, the age range where they are capable of defending the more vulnerable.

    1. I agree with you. It seems to be targeting the age where men are the strongest. They are tiffing the world of our warriors first.

      1. The impact upon fighting men is why the CCP’s Biden pushed it onto the US miltary. However, Trump stood by and said nothing while Marines were being injected. Actually Trump was saying to all take the vax it’s “safe & effective”.

  7. Non ci dimentichiamo però che molti stanno muorendo di Covid Omicron ecc.. Molte ambulanze sono per i malati di Covid.
    Poi che il vaccino faccia danni è oramai chiaro..
    Ora pro nobis

  8. The bodies are already stacking up like cordwood. A hospital in Los Angeles has several refrigeration units in an alley nearby because the hospital morgue has reached capacity. Inside the refrigeration units, the corpses are wrapped in sheets and shelved, literally like cafeteria trays during clean up, waiting for an undertaker.

    Highway auto accidents in the USA are up 67% since July 2021..

    1. Internet guru Clif High who has a channel on Bitchute forecasted some time ago there would be “vaxidents”. He has been cateloguing and tweeting them when they began to occur in Western WA state.

  9. I live in a regional area Brother and I have never in twenty years of living at this location heard nor seen so many ambulances. There have been rumours that the government ordered them to turn off their siren’s due to the attention it was causing. What you have predicted is coming to pass, sadly. May God Bless you and all folks here.

  10. There are, probably different batches of the deathvaxx. I work opposite of a large hospital in the Netherlands and I don’t see more ambulances than usual.
    Though a couple of colleagues took a day of after receiving the fake “booster”
    So we might be later on the agenda.

    1. many people, in the USA at least, are terrified of visiting a hospital because they know the hospitals have been paid to deny people effective therapeutics so that they die. Hospitals are kill zones for the globalists depop.

      The Obamacare restructure of medical practice a decade ago set the stage for what is occurring now with the death vax. It also helps the pedophile trade because the hospitals report the birth stats and ongoing development stats of the child. This information is provide to the pedos like a shopping list.

  11. Normal death rate in Europe is 1 out of 110 people per year. (2019 – 4.6 million deaths out of 513 million population.)
    Now death rate is 1.5 out of 110 people per year (2021).
    since deaths have increase from 1 to 1.5 per 110 people this is why it doesn’t seem too out of the place.
    Maybe if it goes to 5+ per 110 then people might notice.

  12. In the past four weeks, four of my acquaintances have died or have fallen ill with death being considered imminent. In past years I would lose one or two people a year that I knew, maybe.

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