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  1. interesting information and good research. Might i suggest not using a fake background for your co-host and you could probably position yourself where data signals are stronger maybe outdoors in the patio or rooftop to resolve the freezing and voice breaking issue which happened in previous interviews with Dr. Zelenko too.

      1. then maybe use wifi/wired internet when indoors and your co host could use a plain wall for background. studio is not suggested.

      2. My co-host is a vaccine-disabled home bound, who lives with his parents in a small praire house. The electronic screen is necessary for the privacy of the family.

  2. Spanish for witch is “bruja” for female and “brujo” for male.
    Spanish for magician is “mago” and it is gender neutral.
    That I know of, there is no such word in Spanish as “maga”.

  3. Brother Alexis,

    I stand corrected. There is a word “maga” in Spanish that I found. It the feminine for sorceress and possible synonym for “bruja” which is the common translation for witch from English to Spanish.

    Sorry for the previous comment. Rafael

  4. Infiltration is obviously a successful method to undermine any institution. As with the Protestants against the Catholics in the US since the beginning this method would be tried once any movement began to gain momentum and power and that movement was most likely the Tea Party which for the most part they failed to co-opt or control to the extent they would’ve liked to. You could make the argument a ‘third’ party would never take off but no party might (the original intent), they certainly don’t want that either. The fact that Trump never converted to Catholicism and has a ‘blended’ religion family was always somewhat of a red flag. Like Pence calling himself an evangelical Catholic or Bannon calling himself a christian zionist they don’t appear to be opposed to distorting meaning and they are all beginning to look like they are on the same ‘team’. I am starting to believe Trump is all WASP all the way. At any rate, bottom line we all know who they are gunning for in the end. The Catholic Church.

  5. Very interesting video. Like many I wanted to believe Trump was genuine but started reading comments that he is a Scottish Rite Freemason. Someone sent me an article from Forbes showing he had millions of $s of shares in Pfizer and J&J. As well as that he withheld the money the U.S pays to the WHO on the grounds they are too close to China only to give it to the vaccine alliance GAVI which is controlled by Bill Gates! They in turn fund the WHO! So all he did was to move the money around with it ending up in the same organization it was originally intended for! The whole thing gives an added meaning to Trump’s ‘Operation Warp Speed’.

  6. I always new Trump was a Snake.
    Controlled opposition.
    He is in the club.
    It’s a big club and we are not in it.

  7. For those who haven’t seen this bird’s eye documentary from 2011. (Re-posted 5 months ago.)
    Self explanatory footage of a predator vs local residents who dare to know their place.
    From the future President of the free world.
    … Shocking destruction enabled by abuse of office, weak spines and money. And a portentous example of what was hurtling down the barrel in March 2020.


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