Excess Mortality greatly increases in 145 Nations, after DeathVaxx authorized

Editor’s Note: Where are the deaths? — Now you can see that question was an intentional narrative tool of duped victims or paid trolls.

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4 thoughts on “Excess Mortality greatly increases in 145 Nations, after DeathVaxx authorized”

  1. Well there’s a surprise. We the much vilified and demonised unjabbed new jews proved right all along.

  2. Br. Bugnolo; your prediction of death and injury resulting from this ‘Death Jab’ is manifesting beautifully which is to say mortally in a macabre way, unfortunately. Bio Warfare is magnified by yet more bioweapons continuing in development for a disease EASILY TREATED ACCORDING TO THOSE EXPERIENCED WITH IT. Bio Warfare is extolled by the overlapping Crisis of Putin’s Russia on the border of Ukraine and nobody is reporting this added CHAOS to be the PLAN of the Globalist WEF/CCP Nazi Communist Cabal. All those in positions of power are acolytes of the new Hitler, Klaussy Schwabbie out of Davos’s WEF. Is there some reason this is not addressed by those who MOST CERTAINLY KNOW THIS IS FACT; even by those in alternative private media sources historically responding to and providing information in ways the corporate media and Big Tech will not?

  3. The WHO and CDC used to put out those numbers every week. They both stopped, in late 2019… Probably going to be two years before the CDC comes clean.

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