Meme of the Week: A Political Test for your Politicians to see if they are Nazis

Editor’s Note: You can add those VaxxDeath deniers to the list of neo Nazis, because since they are in favor of exterminating humanity, which they view as rats, not humans, they will deny until their own grave that anyone is dying from the DeathVaxx. A pox to all their houses!

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2 thoughts on “Meme of the Week: A Political Test for your Politicians to see if they are Nazis”

  1. Some time ago I called an acquaintance (an Olympian at a younger age). At one point she realized that I was not vaccinated.
    ‘O you are such a person’ she reacted and went on to tell that thanks to her vaccination (which I had not expected in her case)
    she was still usefull for society: she works with children in gymnastics. In other words: in her mind I was not useful for society. Then I mentioned about vaccinated ones being dangerous for non-vaxxed, as per the informationsheet of pfizer and the findings of the pro-vaccine SALK Institute:
    vaxxed ones shed dangerous spike proteins via breath and skin
    Then she uttered still some sounds and hung up on me……….

    Good news from Germany: federal healthminister Lauterbach:
    the unvaccinated pandemic was a heap of nonsens and he blames it on a software error. Today on

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