62 Million will die from heart failure, by end of 2022, due to the DeathVaxx

To read this article in your language, click the image above, and then in the top right, chose the language in the mini drop down menu. — This is another article for the godless globalists in Dublin, Ireland, who troll FromRome.Info, asking, “Where are all the deaths?” —  As a public notice, their IPs are being recorded so that Nuremburg 2.0 can track down what role they had personally in genociding Ireland and psyoping the innocent on social media, so that the Tribunal can try them and hang them if found guilty.

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9 thoughts on “62 Million will die from heart failure, by end of 2022, due to the DeathVaxx”

  1. Prerequisite of author seems to be wrong. Spike production ends after a few weeks. I would take the opposite stance. If we see an increase of cardiovascular deaths it would mean that spike proteins are still produced months after last injection.

    Injecting every year, every half year, every quarter will definitely increase the death number in the “vaccinated”.

    1. Unfortunately no Scientist worth their salt can predict when the spike protein stops being produced.
      We must remember that the modified rna in the jabs are synthetic and joy natural.
      We have no idea how long replication lasts or whether bodies are being programmed to produce them constantly or at certain intervals.
      Only time will tell.

      1. If spike proteins were produced constantly every single vaxxed person will probably die from it. Possible but at this point in time not very likely. What we seem to know is that mRNA lasts a few days, the spike proteins several weeks in the body.

  2. If the “vaxx” is the scaffold, then 5G is the guillotine, which rarely misses its mark.
    So the grim spectacle seems set.
    Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes mellitus (DM) have been closely linked by epidemiologists.
    The ongoing worldwide diabetes, obesity and cancer epidemics are known to be largely a function of the massive expansion of electrification since the late 19th century.
    (See, Invisible Rainbow, A. Firstenberg, 2017, 140-pp bibliography).
    It is well established that over-exposure to radio frequencies (RF) causes leukemia, lymphoma and other diseases.
    The ongoing massive rollout of 5G phased array, steerable-beam wireless, a so-called battlefield interrogation system (BIS), is to apply and enable military stealth weaponry in a civilian context.
    An already dense global wifi soup surrounds and penetrates us, disrupting our metabolism and sabotaging cellular mitochondria processes.
    Further, 5-G is ushering in high- density information transfer technology that will wreak havoc via direct biological attack on human respiratory function and vital organs.
    It seems quite likely that heart disease, among other lethal afflictions, will escalate quickly–even among the unvaxxed.

  3. Sharing the dietary health inf I found over several years hope it is allowed: I recommend taking Shilajit (Carbon60 terminate spike protein, 85 minerals, fulvic acid) which is is within 3000 year old Ayurvedic medicine, daily, 0,7-1gram, split in two portions, along with 3-5 cups of Pine Needle Tea per day, containing Suramin, Shikimic Acid, which supposedly destroy spike protein. Then 1000 mg NAC, 1000 mg L-Acetyl-Glutathione, +3000 mg viamin C, 10 000iU vitamin D3, 800mg Quercetin, 25-50 mg Zinc, daily, to stop the supposed virus, wether it is SarsCov2 or a nasty designed flu virus that is circulated, because this stops all of it from replicating in your cells. Then, apple acid is the best for removing metal particles like mercury and aluminium, or use the supplement Rutin. Both also stops blod from clotting. NAC and Glutathione dissolve blod clots, as do aspirin. But prescription drugs can work faster. Also, eat clean non prosessed food, and take spinach and kale every day, mix it with mixed frozen berries. To further inhibit cancer, get apricot kernels, but ask supplier how much he eats himself, because to many kernels is very dangerous. Read the book “A world without cancer”, 1972, for explanation. Also, elderberries inhibit spike protein. Then you have Essiac Tea, the old Noth American indian allround wonder medicine. But order from a true source, from a business who gather the herbs themselves. Essiac Tea and Covid is nothing I can connect, but the connection to prevent/fight cancer and general illness is real in my opinion. And then there is detox proven tea: Fennel, Rooiboos and Turmeric tea. Find bitter vegetables in immigrant shops, as bitter equals medicinal effect. A method that remove/kill all viruses and bacteria in nose, mouth, lungs, within hours: Hydrogen Peroxide inhaled with a rebreather, in this mix ratio: One part 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, mixed with 29 parts saline solution, remember to sterilize water through boiling. Only pure table salt in saline solution. Investigate gut bacteria vs Immune system. Investigate the effect fasting(not eating at all for weeks as a therapy) It actually doubles your DNAs ability to fight disease. Read the books of Dr. Barry Sears. Get fresh air, do some jogging, or walking, every day. Only drink water, tea, coffe, do not take artificial sweeteners. Do not use alcohol, do not smoke, and seek and verify all I mentioned. Dr. Tenpenny, Dr Zelenko Dr. McCullough, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Mercola (articles database found at Lew Rockwell website). American Frontline Doctors. All have important health info, even if one can disagree about something they said. Stay safe, and be prepared. For anything and everything. Only you, are the one that can save you. Fight.

  4. Also the plandemic has been an attack on the Eucharist. Several N.O. priests are forcing sacrilege on people by only allowing the reception of the Eucharist in the hand. (It is sacrilege since you consent to the possibility that small pieces can fall to the floor and then be trampled on and sweep to the garbage). Thank you for your work BR Bugnolo!

  5. You should look out for Pfizergate! Pfizer will fall. Mass media will fall. Corrupt politicians will fall! This is the beginning of the end of the scamdemic.

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