The Fundamental Ways that using social media puts you in great personal risk

In this video, Br. Bugnolo explains how Big Tech Social Media platforms control their users’ psychology imperceptibly and how you are a great personal risk using social media, even if you have extensive expertise and experience.  — This video cannot be uploaded to any other platform, on account of the massive Red Pills it contains.

This video is a follow up to Br. Bugnolo’s video about how Russian propaganda is dragging souls into darkness, which you can view here.

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4 thoughts on “The Fundamental Ways that using social media puts you in great personal risk”

  1. Thank you Brother for this helpful video.

    My insight on this is, that we are being seduced with all kinds of “advantages”, which end up being bad.
    Jezus didn’t buy it, but we are a lot weaker, I’m afraid.
    We have to watch out carefully of what we accept.

    Kind regards,

  2. We Love You Brother! Until meeting your works, I thought Intermirifica a theory only. Having benefitted so much from your selections, comments, and videos, I now understand the necessity for relying on good, faithful, confident yet meek and humble Christlike authority in my media consumption. It is ironic that those who purport to adore the work of Vatican II dismiss the one person most faithful to the sole (soul?) text possessing the most power for saving the most souls. Or is it?

  3. Reminds me that today the women who dont agree with the USSupreme court leaked doc

    that govt wont pay for abortion s anymore are going to interrupt Catholic Masses today in USA. Poor deluded things.

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