UK: Tony Blair advocates tagging all the human chattel the Elitists wanted rounded up

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4 thoughts on “UK: Tony Blair advocates tagging all the human chattel the Elitists wanted rounded up”

  1. This is exactly what you’d expect from Tony Bliar. Right after he converted to Catholicism, he had a private audience with Pope Benedict XVI at which he advised the Holy Father to change the Church’s attitude on contraception and homosexuality. However this attitude is not surprising and predicable from the sort of Catechisis new converts get today, –excepting in TLM and Ordinariate parishes.

  2. Alpha Catholicism not by chance originates from Tony Blair’s Parish.. Advising Benedict XVI is exactly something he would do…
    Like all these WEF politicians coming enormously wealthy out of their political jobs.
    The man came back immediately after Corona started. ‘Nough said… Fine. Can he be high on the list of Neurenberg 2.0 if it ever happens..

  3. Pope Benedict XVI is NOT the Pope implementing Church Dogma concerning contraception and homosexuality. The Lavender Mafia’s Pope Francis is the culprit. He continues with his apostacy. Pachamama on the Alter and Lucifer/Satan on his desk/credenza ought to give Catholics a clue of the god Francis bows to.

  4. @r Werner That I know of the Ordinariate of Chair of St. Peter (North America) has rejected Pope Benedict XVI as Pope. I am not sure about the other two branches in England and Oceania.
    It is sad that they sort of double cross Pope Benedict after he had set up them up as Personal Ordinariates.

    Granted I would take any ordinariate parish over any Novus Ordo or TLM parish except for their following antipope Bergolio.

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