NETHERLANDS: Farmers protest Nitrogen Reduction Law

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6 thoughts on “NETHERLANDS: Farmers protest Nitrogen Reduction Law”

  1. I love how European farmers protest 😉

    Some time ago I saw a video of French farmers spraying manure into the window of Macron’s presidential office! I almost died laughing.

  2., childrenshealthdefense and others publish about our FARMERS.
    And a few days ago, someone printed a turnaround Dutch flag
    (blue on top, red down under) and it is now hanging on the streetwindow here. Anyone in the world with a printer could do that: A4 format: it takes less place than a fabric flag.
    This idea was shared yesterday with the LTO (Dutch farmers organization) and they liked it. No window it too small for an A4format flag…………
    So: Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Canada, Germany, USA and all the rest: please show your continuous support for
    the Dutch and your own farmes. Keep going DUTCH please until the God-victory is there.

  3. Dear Keean Bexte: your Dutch flag should have the blue on top!

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