5 thoughts on “Malcom Roberts: Politicians who support the Great Reset are a threat to everyone”

  1. REFRESHING to see an Official in Australia RESISTING the TREASONOUS ‘Nut Jobs’ purchased by the WEF/CCP Cabal.

  2. wef means actually: world extinguishing force ……

    and when you turn the word wef around you get: few……….

    who means actually: world hell order

  3. And ofcourse a huge compliment for Malcolm Roberts.

    Also a ‘compliment’ for deborah birx for writing in her book:
    fauci and I just made these virusrules up……..

    We already knew they were nonsensical almost from the start, but it is really cute to get this formally confirmed by one of the designers of these non-medical rules.
    Now noone can impose them anymore on her/his fellow citizens…….

    Allora, per questa ragione, mille grazie, deborah!!!!!!
    Lei noi ha ridato la nostra libertĂ  per sempre…….

  4. and non-Hippocrates medical doctors and psychopathic judges are a threat to every human being, including young children in a coma, as 12 year old Archie Battersbee whose life is in danger: childhating judges and md’s alike are so eager to murder him.
    God, please save this youngster and help his parents get their Godvictory in their fight for his life.

    People in coma hear EVERYTHING that is spoken about around them: they just can’t answer with words.

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