9 thoughts on “The Sacrament of Matrimony is superior to a civil wedding, as can be seen”

  1. This incident shows why the Church of England has until recently insisted that weddings take place in a “dignified and suitable place”.
    Now the C of E are lifting those rules, so that marriages can take places like these.

  2. off subject: how come that in GB, not so great, parents have no say in the health issues of their children, if they, according to anti-God MD’s, better should be murdered than be in the care of their loving parents.
    Even de UN so far could not stop these murderers to be of young Archie Battersbee. These childrenhaters can’t wait to execute him.
    Please GOD, let this young boy survive the murderattempts of these psychopaths.

  3. I thought it was real. It isn’t.
    “The famous clip of the best man knocking the bride into the pool at the altar is part of a feature length film produced by Dennis Anderson, written and directed by Archie Gips. “Chloe and Keith’s Wedding” highlights all of the fun, frolicking and hijinks of one of the craziest weddings ever. The film captures the genuine feel of an actual wedding as told through the “found footage” shot by the wedding videographers as well as the guests themselves using flip cameras.”

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